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Thar she blows! Steam leak erupts on W. 10th Street

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | A massive steam leak in Greenwich Village on Saturday night shortly before 10 p.m. sent geysers of hot spray into the air.

The Greenwich Village geyser erupted last Saturday night. (W. 10th St. Residents)

Illuminated by a neon garage sign, nearby windows lit yellow and blue and street traffic lights, the multicolored steam at times resembled a huge, pop-up lava lamp.

Firefighters responded in several trucks to W. 10th Street and Seventh Avenue South and the intersection’s rave party-colored Old Faithful was brought under control.

However, some residents are concerned about possible asbestos contamination with this latest explosion. Con Edison and Councilmember Erik Bottcher’s office, for their part, are saying all is O.K.

Protective gear for Con Ed workers — but not for residents. (W. 10th St. Residents)
A perfect storm of neon signage, colorfully lit windows and traffic lights illuminated the steam leak. (W. 10th St. Residents)

According to one W. 10th Street local, though, some neighbors are “skeptical and a touch paranoid” about whether the carcinogenic substance was released in the tutti frutti spew.

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  1. mo mo April 6, 2022

    As a newspaper maybe you can request the reports on the asbestos testing. Those steam pipes are wrapped in asbestos there had to be at least a little released into the air.

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