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Dana Beal plots Idaho pot defense, Ukrainian ibogaine offensive

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Dana Beal, a “godfather” of pot legalization-turned-Ukrainian military ibogaine advocate, is back in New York.

As The Village Sun first reported, Beal, 77, was bailed out of jail in Idaho a couple of weeks ago. In January, he had been caught traveling through the state in an SUV with a large load of cheap Oregon weed — 52 pounds worth, to be exact. The vehicle looked sketchy from the start, he said, and its transmission gave out in Gooding, County, leading to the bust.

Although around 70 percent of Americans think cannabis should be legal, Idaho is a staunch holdout.

As a result, Beal, who was not driving the SUV (because he can’t drive), faces a harsh penalty.

According to Idaho Cannabis Information, “Idaho is uncompromising on marijuana crimes… . The penalties for anyone convicted of trafficking 100 or more marijuana plants or 25 pounds or more of marijuana is a mandatory fine of at least $15,000 and a compulsory minimum fixed term of five years of incarceration.”

Beal previously told the Sun he was offered a plea deal of one year in jail. However, rather than admit guilt, he has resolved to take the risky step of fighting the charge in court.

While he’s at it, he’s going to take a page from his own pot legalization activism. Beal has vowed weed will no longer be criminalized in the Gem State by the time he’s through.

“The unintended consequence of this,” he said, “is we’re going to legalize pot in Idaho.”

A GoFundMe for his bail and legal defense, “Free Dana Beal and Abolish Cannabis Prohibition,” as of March 30, had raised $11,418 toward a goal of $75,000.

In a video for the fundraiser, Beal asks for cash so that he can, at his trial, “attack the insane situation in Idaho, where pot is more illegal than fentanyl. So, like, kick in some money,” he urges, “we need more.”

Currently, Beal is staying with a friend in the Bronx. He’s been busy reaching out to Ukrainian-American activists in his effort to bring ibogaine to Ukraine’s soldiers to help them fight the Russian invaders.

Beal was in Ukraine in December, working with a military psychologist on exploring using iboga — a hallucinogenic African root with alleged addiction-curing properties — to treat fighters’ brain injuries and battlefield fatigue. He said a Ukrainian unit has already used ibogaine in combat against the Russians, with the drug turning them into “super soldiers.”

“For $20,000, we can make a million [ibogaine] chocolate bars to go to the front lines,” he said. “We have to get these microdoses to the Ukrainian army — and they’ll win the war. … We can sell chocolate bars for 4 Euros. Right now, they’re buying Adderall, which is bad for you.”


  1. Alan Jules Weberman Alan Jules Weberman April 7, 2024

    He’s nuts and he should take the deal. The jury will be Mormon who are closer to pagans than Christians. They’ll take him to one of their “churches” and put him on the alter and sacrifice him — he can die happily ever after.

  2. Phil Younger Phil Younger April 6, 2024

    A true

  3. Philip L Younger Philip L Younger April 6, 2024

    A true fighter for Tuth Justice and the American way oh come on

    • Alan Jules Weberman Alan Jules Weberman April 8, 2024

      Truth Justice and the Woodstock Nation way

  4. Rob Rob April 5, 2024

    I wonder if he went to Idaho to fight for freedom or was it to profit from its illegality? I bet his altruistic war effort is right there with Raytheon. I think this guy is insufferable. Selling Iboga for a war effort. New York City Political class pulling justice out their A##.

  5. April 5, 2024

    I believe that drugs, particularly, those type of drugs Beal is suggesting, belong in hospitals, with the patient only, while being observed by professional doctors in this field. These type of drugs do not belong on a battlefield, causing more damage to these very brave soldiers. They don’t need these drugs. They are in dire need of DESPERATE HELP, and a hell of a lot better ammunition.

  6. Natalia Spiegel Natalia Spiegel April 1, 2024

    Following in the long and proud lineage of Sacco and Vanzetti, the Rosenbergs, the Chicago Eight, not to mention the Indianapolis 500, coming to a theater near you: Dana Beal putting the state of Idaho on trial! Be there or be square! You can jail the revolutionary but you can’t jail the revolution!

  7. Clayton Patterson Clayton Patterson Post author | April 1, 2024

    I wish him the best. A true people’s champion. For sure he goes up against the power he believes is blocking his view of a better world. He is honest about his struggle. He has almost been as long on his trail as Willy Nelson has been on his. For too long people have sidelined his opinion. Make no mistake the NYT Magazine article on Ibogaine was missing a large chunk of the history of that story. Dana was there years before Deborah C. Mash.

  8. JacDog JacDog March 31, 2024

    Inept highway robbery. Perhaps having smoked too much weed too long.

  9. Larry H Larry H March 31, 2024

    Dana is too old to fight this and take a chance with a 5-year sentence.

  10. Peg Leg Pete Peg Leg Pete March 30, 2024

    This makes me think ot the song Livin In My Own Private Idaho for some reason?

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