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Stop bombing! Stop shopping! pro-Palestinian protesters cry on Black Friday

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Down with Israel — and consumerism!

An estimated 2,000 pro-Palestinian protesters rallied in Washington Square Park on Black Friday. Muslims prostrated themselves en masse in the park’s fountain plaza, praying toward Mecca. Others chanted slogans, including, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” considered by many to be a call for the elimination of Israel.

(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

According to the New York Post, there was also a smaller number of pro-Israel supporters. Gathered on the rally’s fringe, they called for Hamas to release all the hostages seized in the horrific 10/7 attack.

“Bring them home!” they chanted.

“Go back to Poland!” one of the Palestinian supporters reportedly bizarrely yelled at them.

Some of the group then marched up Sixth Avenue to continue the action outside Macy’s at 34th Street.

“While you’re shopping, bombs are dropping!” they shouted.

(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

A ceasefire is currently in effect while Hamas releases some of the hostages and Israel, in return, frees some Palestinian prisoners.

On Thanksgiving, protesters glued themselves to Sixth Avenue near Fox News headquarters, decrying Israel’s retaliation against Gaza over Hamas’s 10/7 massacre, mostly of civilians, that sparked the violence.


  1. Carol Frances Yost Carol Frances Yost November 30, 2023

    False New Yorker–I see you’re at it again! I’m sure Sarandon is no Jew-hater. Israel is not defending herself by killing thousands of innocent Palestinians. Israel has always wanted all the land in that area, and it uses any excuse to murder and grab. Yes, Hamas’s attack was horrible, but it was provoked by the mindless and endless oppression of the Palestinians year after year. Netanyahu openly stated that he had promoted Hamas in order to divide Gaza from the West Bank. No excuse for what Israel is doing. Netanyahu and his cabinet are war criminals. One expressed the wish that they could nuke Gaza. Others in the cabinet have called Palestinians animals and terrorists and the like. That’s how premature babies died in al-Shifa Hospital when the electricity was cut off. Do you think they were Hamas, False New Yorker?

  2. Ala Ala November 26, 2023

    People marching in support of Palestine have also sprayed paint on the NYPL main branch, blocked traffic on the Manhattan bridge (so folks could not get to work, get home), sprayed paint on NYPD vehicles, caused Grand Central to be closed down at rush hour, sought to enter the Museum of Natural History forcing closure and more….

    They are lucky to be in a country where free speech is a right.

    But their feeling of “entitlement” to be wrecking people’s ability to get home and work (reminder: their actions have impacted poor people) and vandalizing buildings is unacceptable.

  3. John Penley John Penley November 26, 2023

    When St. Brigid’s church in the East Village was under threat from the Catholic Church in NYC of being sold and gone forever Susan Sarandon stepped up and donated money and protested at the church. Today she was dropped by her talent agency in the US because of her support for Gaza.
    Please give her our love by organizing a protest at MCA Talent Agency in NYC. They sent her a strong message to shut up and other artists will get the message that if they criticize Israel the same could happen to them. Ceasefire Now !

    • True New Yorker True New Yorker November 27, 2023

      Mr. Nevada — You think Sarandon’s Jew hate is acceptable? Her ignoring the horrors (rape, burning, murder) of Oct 7? It’s not. Israel has a right to exist and defend itself, like any other country.

      Neither are her veiled threats that Jews are getting what they deserved. Her agents (perhaps Jewish?! Shocking!) have every right NOT to represent her. She is free to find other agents. You think that is all okay because she helped a church? Wow.

      Why don’t you bother the good people in Lake Havasu. Please note how many people who considered themselves liberal are now alienated by the far-left extremists, like yourself. Burn some more bridges.

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