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Speaker Corey Johnson rolls out new bus clock in Abingdon Square

BY THE VILLAGE SUN  | Waiting for the bus just got a little easier and less stressful at a critical transit corner in the West Village.

Local residents joined City Council Speaker Corey Johnson on Tues., Feb. 4, at a ribbon-cutting for a new bus countdown clock at Eighth Ave. and Bleecker St.

Constituents voted for the bus clocks as part of Participatory Budgeting for Johnson’s district, which includes the Village, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen.

Local activists spoke at the event, and also thanked Johnson and his staff for their efforts to save the Abingdon Square loop of the M14A bus. 

Council Speaker Corey Johnson speaks at the ribbon-cutting for the new bus countdown clock, with, to his right, Ed Pincar, the Manhattan Department of Transportation commissioner. (Photo by John McCarten/NYC Council)

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority had planned to cut the Abingdon loop as part of starting Select Bus Service on 14th St., in connection with the 14th St. busway pilot project. But distraught community members protested that the loop is a vital transportation lifeline for the far West Village, especially for older residents and families with young children.

Johnson did not say much specifically about the 14th St. busway at the countdown clock event.

Cutting the ribbon for the new bus countdown clock at Bleecker St. and Eighth Ave., from left, Ed Pincar, Manhattan D.O.T. commissioner; Matthew Bilder, of West Village Houses; Council Speaker Corey Johnson; Marjorie Dienstag, of the Charles Street Block Association; Kirsten Philippides, of the W. 13th St. Alliance; Katy Bordonaro, of the West Village Houses; George Cominskie, of Westbeth Artists Housing; Nancy Shamban, of West Village Houses; and Joan Hall, of Westbeth. (Photo by John McCarten/NYC Council)

More bus clocks are due to be installed in the district soon. So far, two other locations reportedly have been settled upon, at 10th Ave. and W. 23rd St., as well as Seventh Ave. and W. 10th St. 

Johnson’s office is currently working on identifying other spots for additional bus clocks.


  1. lincolnvillagesun lincolnvillagesun Post author | February 12, 2020

    It’s called a countdown clock, but it’s really more of a countdown timer. It’s the boxlike structure — with the illuminated 4 or 26 in the two photos — on top of the pole right behind the crowd of folks cutting the ribbon.

  2. Give it up Give it up February 12, 2020

    Yes where is it? Can we get a pix?

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