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Soho boutiques are freaked: Shutter shops, clear shelves

Thursday night in Soho, the only noise along Broadway was the buzz of power saws and the pounding of hammers as a big plywood wall was slapped up across the entire storefront of Sephora, the beauty-products store near Prince St. 

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, luxury stores in Soho have shuttered and their shelves are bare — cleared of pricey goods, doubtless out of fear of looting.

Sephora, on Broadway on the Scholastic Building’s ground floor, put up plywood to protect against break-ins. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
(Photo by Soho Anonymous)

A neighborhood resident, who requested anonymity, sent The Village Sun photos taken along tony Greene St. and other nearby locations, showing the slew of abandoned designer boutiques.

Doggone: The empty The Marc Jacobs store on Greene St. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
The word from The Marc Jacobs. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)

“Seems the priciest brands are fearful of marauding hordes looking to ‘fashion-up’ in this time of crisis,” he said. “They’ve barricaded their storefronts and / or cleared out the goods — and basically showed their true colors by running scared and abandoning the neighborhood. Not to worry, we live here and are keeping watch — and we’ll remember this when things turn around.

Gone camping: The shelves were bare in the Camper shoe store on Prince St. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)

I’m just a local longtimer staying put and staying safe,” he said, “unlike some of these global brands that have scurried out of Soho with their purses between their legs.”

Louis Vuitton…gone. No leather whatever is left at the Greene St. boutique. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
Ste-ehhh-ehlla!… Umm… Stella?… Nobody home at the Stella McCartney boutique on Greene St. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
No Yves, no nothing…at the the empty Saint Laurent store on Greene St. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
Of course, another one… Michael Kors, at Prince and Mercer Sts. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
His and her plywood: The Dior stores on Greene St. were both boarded up. The men’s store, at right, had opened just last month. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
These shoes were made for walking — outta here! The Jimmy Choo store on Greene St. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
Bargain stores — like TJ Maxx, at Broadway and Broome St. — or luxury boutiques, it doesn’t matter, everyone’s closed. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
Vamanos! Nothing but some books and photos left at the hip John Varvatos fashion boutique, at Spring and Greene Sts. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)
Just stay home! This warning at Prince St. and Broadway — from a humble street artist who is usually there — applies to everyone in Soho, from the hordes of designer-goods addicted shoppers to the besieged local artist residents. (Photo by Soho Anonymous)


  1. Alex Alexander Alex Alexander March 22, 2020

    Looks like Acapolypse.

  2. SoHo 99%er SoHo 99%er March 20, 2020

    SoHo residents have long claimed that these high-end stores are like strip miners.

    That is, they come into a nice community, take it over, bleed it for all it’s worth and then, as soon as there is an economic downturn, they hightail it out of town with their profits, leaving a scarred wasteland in their aftermath for the locals to live with.

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