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Schwartz slams Glick for not demanding Cuomo resign

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | Updated March 13, 1:45 p.m.: The push for Andrew Cuomo to resign reached a new highpoint on Friday as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand called for the governor to step down.

“Confronting and overcoming the COVID crisis requires sure and steady leadership,” they said in a joint statement. “Due to the multiple, credible sexual harassment and misconduct allegations, it is clear that Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners and the people of New York. Governor Cuomo should resign.”

Prominent members of New York’s congressional delegation have also said Cuomo must pack it in, including Jerrold Nadler, Carolyn Maloney, Nydia Velazquez and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So has state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

Meanwhile, in Greenwich Village, District Leader Arthur Schwartz agrees that Cuomo must go — but says Assemblymember Deborah Glick must also do the same for not demanding the governor’s ouster. Schwartz, a City Council candidate, blasted Glick for what he called “slavish loyalty” to the governor.

On Monday, Glick was one of 21 female assemblymembers who issued a statement saying they want state Attorney General Letitia James to complete her investigation of the sexual misconduct claims against the governor.

Then, on Thursday, 59 — more than half — of the Assembly’s Democrats issued a letter demanding Cuomo resign. Charging that the governor “has always been quick to attack” his critics, Schwartz called the letter’s signers “heroic.”

“Ten days ago I joined a number of local leaders in the first call for Cuomo to step down, and that was just after the [Lindsey] Boylan and [Charlotte] Bennett allegations,” Schwartz said, referring to the first two former Cuomo aides to come forward. “The allegations just keep coming… .

“This statement [by the 59 assemblymembers] follows the accusation revealed yesterday that the governor, last fall, in the executive mansion, reached under the blouse of a staffer. As an attorney who addresses sexual harassment in the workplace, my experience says there will be more. An all-powerful man, unlike Jimmy Carter, he acted on the lust in his heart.

“For me as a Villager,” Schwartz continued, “the most disturbing thing here is that my assemblywoman, Deborah Glick, did not join this statement. … But it should not come as a surprise. Deborah Glick came to the defense of [former Assembly Speaker] Sheldon Silver even after he was indicted…and now she demonstrates the same slavish loyalty to our state’s Harasser in Chief. Not only should Cuomo step down, our embarrassment of an assemblywoman should, too!”

However, Schwartz’s calls for Glick to resign are not new. In fact, he has been doing it publicly for at least 10 years. He frequently used to do it in a column he penned in WestView newspaper. He claims his differences with her began over the Hudson River Park, when Glick was not fully onboard with the current park plan, which was approved in 1998.

For her part, Glick said she, in fact, supports an impeachment probe of the governor; Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie announced the impeachment investigation on Thursday, a few hours after the assemblymembers issued their letter calling for Cuomo’s resignation.

But Glick has refrained from jumping on the “resign immediately” bandwagon.

On Friday, in several text messages to The Village Sun, she brushed off Schwartz’s latest attack, deriding it as a “need to get press.”

“Sorry — very busy with serious matters and Arthur’s perennial attacks are not,” she said. “FYI, the Assembly has authorized the Judiciary Committee to begin an impeachment investigation — I support that. BTW — due process.”

Calling it her “final response,” Glick said, “Arthur’s need to get press by attacking me is loathsome and demonstrates he has nothing to offer himself.”

Glick is an Albany veteran. Another Assembly stalwart, Dick Gottfried, who represents Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen and is the House’s longest-serving member, on Tuesday said Cuomo should resign.

“Multiple and growing credible allegations of sexual harassment and recent reports detailing the coverup of the true COVID-19 death toll in nursing homes are extremely disturbing and make it clear that Governor Cuomo is no longer the right governor for New York,” Gottfried said in a statement. “It is clear that it is best for New York for Governor Cuomo to resign.”


  1. JackDog JackDog March 16, 2021

    Another mention. A number of the Gov’s close associates are locked up or narrowly skirting the hospitality of the state. It’s far-fetched to assume that the Gov himself did not succumb to the temptation to exercise power and partake of the spoils of privilege.

    Perhaps its a function of growing up political. Perhaps its personality. Likely both.
    Let the investigation continue. Let possible prosecution roll.

    • Arthur Gatti Arthur Gatti March 17, 2021

      Right, David — and let’s demand that these political throwbacks go back to civics class!
      Ah, another “if it’s possible, it’s true” moron speaks up.

  2. Carol from East 5th Street Carol from East 5th Street March 14, 2021

    Cuomo deserves the courtesy (as an elected political figure) and right (as a U.S. citizen) of due process before summarily being declared guilty. It is so “politically savvy” for our NY representatives to jump on the “lock him up” bandwagon. Shame on them for using this to make themselves look morally superior and ignoring the right of every American to a fair trial.

    • David R. Marcus David R. Marcus March 14, 2021

      Here. Here.

  3. Anthony Donovan Anthony Donovan March 14, 2021

    Thank you. So many of our local reps in NYC have shown cowardice this past year when it comes to Cuomo. Yes, the nursing home is criminal, all for the sales of a book and his national image…. lies…. sure wait for the investigation if you need more proof than is already evident and verified.

    A state bill we got two of our local lower east side reps to finally write for us, several months ago, to help support our struggling small businesses, to help stop the hemorrhaging and loss over landlord greed … we wanted these Reps to come with us to rally at Cuomo’s office, or to give a public statement, or to help us then lobby fellow state senators and assembly. They would not. Refused. Remained silent. Visibly afraid of the Gov.
    Only the end of this week, now that it looks like he will be out, and the Fed money is coming…. they are beginning to stand up. Weak politics.

    I had the great honor to sit next to Mario Cuomo for a couple of hours about 20 years ago. He was embarrassed then to talk of his son Andrew and I didn’t push him on it.

    They are opposites. One about service to others, and personal modesty, a true listener (my personal experience). Another about self-importance, and arrogance. My personal experience. Because of his father, I ran to support Andrew’s first run for Gov in 2002 ish. After meeting him and listening, I was so shocked, I just said no way…. he seemed to take credit for everything… put others down to put himself up.

    We have never needed arrogance and bravado, and we really don’t need it any longer, now. We need the tone, the care and professionalism of a Governor Murphy next door, or a Zephyr Teachout, who I supported in her last run against him.

    Andrew, step down. No more bullying. Go on a retreat and reflect. Redemption comes with personal honesty. Stop the fear within and without. Thank you.

    Local Reps. Shame on you who ignored and therefor supported his behavior.

    • David R. Marcus David R. Marcus March 14, 2021

      Nevertheless, he is entitled to equal protection under the law; no different than any person or any group.

      To advocate otherwise is hypocritical and sets a double standard.

      • Anthony Anthony March 15, 2021

        of course, no one is saying to not allow due process and the protection of law. fully supportive.
        just the behavior already verified, and those who’ve had to deal with such severe control is plenty to ask him to step down. I await the investigation and resultant prosecution…. have little doubt that he would do anything to maintain his power….. for Andrew… if you knew him…. it was about power…. more than service….

        you are right David… no double standard…. let’s see how thorough an investigation goes.

  4. David R. Marcus David R. Marcus March 14, 2021

    Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence? What is the rush to deny due process?

    If the allegations prove true, of course, he should resign or be removed from office. Until then, he is entitled to the same legal protections many of these electeds argue are not being extended to others.

    And once he is gone, who amongst the contenders as successor could have possibly gotten NY thru the pandemic this past year and going forward? He clearly is abrasive and confrontational and nothing short of a control freak but give him some credit for leading our state out of the epicenter of the pandemic and allow him his rights.

    And let’s not forget how he saved all of us from the ill-advised L Train shutdown that many of these electeds foolishly said was inevitable with no other options. The same ones that see no options now.

    Proceed with the investigation and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Patricia Melvin Patricia Melvin March 14, 2021

      Agree with you, Mary and David. This rush to judgement is really ugly behavior.

  5. mary reinholz mary reinholz March 13, 2021

    Arthur Schwartz is not the voice of God, in my humble opinion. He should stop his ugly attacks on Assemblymember Deborah Glick for upholding the principle of due process in response to calls for third-term Gov. Cuomo to resign over unproven allegations.

    • Arthur Gatti Arthur Gatti March 17, 2021

      Many years ago, when Arthur Schwartz was first spreading his scurrilous efforts to gain local political control, a block leader on Jane Street was printing and selling T-shirts that said, simply, “NEVER VOTE FOR ARTHUR SCHWARTZ FOR ANYTHING EVER.”

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