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Podcast: COVID anti-vaxxers and ‘fascist pseudo-anti-fascism’

In Episode 92 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg takes note of what he decries as “the increasingly extremist anti-vax ‘protesters,'” who don the yellow star and explicitly compare themselves to Holocaust victims as they escalate to physical attacks on COVID-testing stations in New York City.

In Europe, some have dressed up in Nazi uniforms to mock vaccine mandates, Weinberg notes in the 17-minute segment.

“They bait others as brainwashed ‘sheeple’ as they themselves echo propaganda from Fox News, and defiantly threaten public health — especially that of the elderly, ailing and immune-compromised who are most at risk from the virus,” the podcaster points out.

“Meanwhile, African leaders protest ‘vaccine apartheid,’ and countless hundreds of thousands across across the Global South struggle to get vaccinated,” Weinberg emphasizes.

“The politics of the anti-vaxxers is actually redolent of Hitler’s ‘euthanasia’ program, in which ‘useless eaters’ (the disabled) were exterminated — the first step toward the Final Solution,” the Lower East Side journo charges. “Their juvenile Nazi-baiting is another example of the propaganda device of fascist pseudo-anti-fascism.”


  1. Bill Weinberg Bill Weinberg October 12, 2021

    If ONLY it were just a “few locals,” in which case I would not, indeed, be wasting my breath. I mentioned misguided “protests” as far away from Tompkins Square as the Netherlands. Someone seems to have either swallowed the anti-vax poison, or is just looking for something to complain about.

  2. Jo Jo October 12, 2021

    Good for you Bill W. for calling out these misguided &/or dangerous folk who not only don’t want mandates but don’t want to take any adult responsibility for being part of society. True anarchism requires it as a prerequisite to laws being eliminated, especially when it comes to everyone’s health and life!

    For too long, harebrained beliefs in everything from ghosts to aliens to medical conspiracy theories (I don’t mean rational questioning) have been depicted as equal to well-researched knowledge upon which to base policy decisions. That’s what gave us Reagan, the Bushes and, finally, Trump. What’s next? Be warned — get real.

  3. John Penley John Penley October 12, 2021

    We all know Weinberg is talking about Chris Flash, Eric Rossi and “Richie” from John the Commie and Occupy Wall Street days. By the way the latter two can be seen in the Union Square anti-vax march video. Just to be clear, they are not involved in the attack, just marching there when it happened. I just got my third Pfizer booster shot and flu shot at the same time and I feel great.

    • mary reinholz mary reinholz October 12, 2021

      All that poison he spews over a few locals? Yecch.

      • John Penley John Penley October 12, 2021

        Just keep in mind that because of the attack on the Covid testing station at Union Square, this march became national news and it was elevated from an NYC local march into another shot in the Trump vax civil war.

        • mary reinholz mary reinholz October 12, 2021

          Okay, you make the point better than the turgidly written piece in The Village Sun that stereotypes millions of anti-vaxxers as comparable to Hitler-era fascists and doesn’t quote a single one of them.

        • Tommy Tumor Tommy Tumor October 18, 2021

          It’s funny that opposition to vax mandates is somehow framed as support for Trump when Trump’s administration developed the shot in the first place. People have no memory at all

          • Bill Weinberg Bill Weinberg October 20, 2021

            So you are seriously pretending that the Trump propaganda machine has not harnessed anti-vax backlash? Seriously?

  4. mary reinholz mary reinholz October 11, 2021

    Well, I don’t understand why The Village Sun gives headlines to a slogan-spouting pseudo- authority like Weinberg, who slings accusations about the alleged Hitler-era politics of millions of anti-vaxxers without interviewing any of them or identifying a single one by name — at least not in this piece. Experiencing the dead weight of his pedantic prose is like being bludgeoned with incomprehensible buzz words by a 400-pound ex-opera singer who’s fallen into the audience.

    • The Village Sun The Village Sun Post author | October 11, 2021

      He refers to a well-known East Village activist, a former squatter, who spoke out at Tompkins Square Park against the Covid vaccine. But he chose not to name him on the podcast.

      • mary reinholz mary reinholz October 12, 2021

        This does not excuse Weinberg’s totally biased attack on millions of people who don’t want to be vaccinated and get slurred as fascists. This is just hate speech.

        • Bill Weinberg Bill Weinberg October 12, 2021

          “Quack quack.” “You sound like a duck.” “Waah! Waah! Hate speech!”

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