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Belaboring vaccine resistance on Labor Day

While Labor Day is meant to honor workers, or at least enjoy a long weekend, activists worked up over the COVID vaccine used it to rally at Union Square.

(Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)
(Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)
(Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)

Some had the chutzpah to wear Jewish stars or yellow five-pointed stars — a variation of what Jews were made to wear under the Nazis leading up to the Holocaust — to express their feeling of being persecuted and discriminated against by vaccine mandates.

The Jewish community has decried the co-opting of the infamous symbol and the claiming of any sort of equivalency.

(Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)
(Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)
(Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)

The “Pfizer defiers” vehemently oppose being called “anti-vaxxers,” claiming the term is derogatory rather than an accurate definition of their position. They instead prefer “vaccine risk aware,” for example.

Others, meanwhile, call them things like “pro-disease,” “pro-epidemic” and “plague spreaders.”


  1. David R. Marcus David R. Marcus September 7, 2021

    Not long ago all of us needed proof of vaccination cards for a multitude of maladies in order to travel. Polio vaccines were not optional for my elementary school class.

    It’s only because of the tragedy of the 2016 election and the greed of the Murdochs’ milking their FOX News cash cow that we are in the position of even discussing these irrational anti-science views.

    The proof of this absurdity is when these ignorant folks get sick they take up valuable space in overtaxed medical facilities and expect the medical professionals whom they disrespect with their ignorant views to care for them and save their lives. Pretty hypocritical, wouldn’t you say?

    And the coopting of the yellow star that targeted the practice of Judaism is beyond despicable and disrespectful of all those who perished in the Holocaust. To compare lifesaving vaccines to genocide is the height of a sick ignorance.

    It is you folks that have enabled the Delta variant and extended the pandemic well beyond its historical duration. Shame on you!

  2. Harry Pincus Harry Pincus September 7, 2021

    Something’s happening and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?

    I wear a mask when I’m around others, is that too much to ask?

    As for the Jewish lady who is fighting the 4th Reich, I too am Jewish. My cousin was a concentration camp survivor who lived to be a hundred years old, but lost his wife and child. I once asked if he ever saw Dr. Mengele, and he said, “Mengele? Mengele was my doctor.”

    I truly do not understand your correlation between lifesaving medicine and the Nazis, who were its antithesis. I think if Mengele were alive, G-d forbid, he would urge you NOT to be vaccinated.

    L’Shana Tova, anyway.

  3. Beth Joy Beth Joy Post author | September 7, 2021

    I’m an actual Jew…that is me with the tattoos in your article and I’m proud to fight the propaganda of this 4th Reich.

  4. Harry Pincus Harry Pincus September 7, 2021

    I apologize for being so harsh in my previous comment.

    The people in the park are simply afraid of the vaccine, and that is their right. The real culprits are the cynical commentators at Fox News, such as Tucker Carlson, and the politicians who are spreading fear and disrust, such as the governor of Florida, in order to further their own careers.

    They are responsible for vast tolls of suffering and death.

    • Michael A Jones Michael A Jones September 7, 2021

      So you as a vaccinated person become a super-spreader because you may not know you have the virus. Thanks, jackass.

  5. Harry Pincus Harry Pincus September 7, 2021

    The lady with the Jewish star says she does not comply with tyranny, but the virus that has killed millions of people is the real tyrant, which must be defeated. The old man with his Jewish star compares the vaccine to Nazi medicine, but when I was a child, we were saved from the tyranny of polio by the good work of two Jews, named Salk and Sabin. Imagine if our parents had refused to give us the polio vaccine?

    I think it would be more helpful if these anti-vaxxers rebel against the tyranny imposed upon them by a society that requires them to wear pants. They should take their pants off in the park, so that the world
    can see what kind of asses they truly are.

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