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Hoylman: Cuomo’s now really gotta go following damning A.G. report

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | State Senator Brad Hoylman reiterated his previous for Governor Cuomo to resign — or be booted from office — following the release of a state attorney general’s report into allegations of Cuomo’s sexual misconduct.

An investigation by Attorney General Letitia James’s office determined that the governor sexual harassed numerous women, plus retaliated against some of them for speaking out about their experiences.

“New Yorkers should be extremely grateful to the 11 courageous survivors who came forward to share their traumatic stories during the attorney general’s investigation,” Hoylman said. “We owe them a deep debt of gratitude for bringing these facts to light, although it’s clear that we as a state government have failed to protect them from workplace harassment. The state Legislature must redouble our efforts to correct this ongoing and severe problem.

“I sincerely thank Attorney General Tish James for her thorough, professional and unbiased report. The attorney general’s integrity throughout this process cannot be questioned.

“I’ve listened to Governor Cuomo’s pre-produced response that seemed to mock these serious and disturbing charges and shamefully called into question the truthfulness of the survivors. I reiterate my earlier call that Governor Cuomo resign. If not, I trust the state Assembly will take the appropriate steps to begin his removal from office.”

Hoylman chairs the state Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

Despite the accusations by nearly a dozen women and now the A.G.’s report, Cuomo continues to maintain his innocence.

In a video call with reporters Tuesday, he said, “I want you to know directly from me that I never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. That is just not who I am.”

Cuomo added, “I welcome the opportunity for a full and fair review before a judge and a jury, because this just did not happen.”


  1. Terry Katz Terry Katz August 5, 2021

    Hooray for Hoylman! The Cuomo family has always hated New York. During the pandemic, he did nothing for New York but spread fear which is one reason New York is now a ghost town.

    • mary reinholz mary reinholz August 5, 2021

      Terry Katz, you are seriously misinformed that Cuomo family did nothing for NY. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, for one, helped people across the U.S. with his daily pandemic briefings and before that he brought the $15 minimum wage to New York six years ago. In addition, the 3-term Andrew successfully pushed for the landmark same-sex marriage bill and major public works like the new Moynihan Station, the opening of the Second Ave. subway, the rebuilding of LaGuardia Airport. Read up!

  2. Seth Seth August 4, 2021

    I can’t imagine what possible qualifications Andrew Giuliani would have. And being Rudy’s son and having such close ties to the “former guy” are enough to disqualify him for life.

    As for Cuomo, he let us down, but be careful what you wish for.

    • mary reinholz mary reinholz August 4, 2021

      Seth, I was joking about the other Andrew, Rudy’s son. Rudy, however, is one of the conservatives who now regards the NYS Attorney General’s accusations of sexual harassment against Andrew Cuomo as politically inspired and a witch hunt.

  3. mary reinholz mary reinholz August 3, 2021

    I’ve never been a fan of New York’s “prince of darkness” or voted for Gov. Cuomo. However, Tish James wants his job, so I can’t get too excited about this predictable report from her. It’s ironic that third-term Cuomo appointed her to investigate the charges against him. She didn’t accuse him of any crime, so let the voters decide about his fitness for office. The dude has handled the pandemic rather well, but he’s self-serving like most pols. Maybe NYS voters will choose the other dandy Andy — kid Giuliani, if he gets on the ballot.

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