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Cops arrest Miami man with assault rifle, large-capacity ammo clips in Chinatown subway station

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | Somebody saw something and said something.

A Florida man was busted in the Grand Street B/D subway station, at Grand and Chrystie Streets, in the heart of Chinatown, Saturday morning in possession of an assault rifle, large-capacity ammo clips and a loaded handgun, according to police.

Police were alerted of a “suspicious person” on the station’s mezzanine level. When Transit cops responded, they found the man had an AR-15 rifle in a bag. After arresting him, they also found that he had a loaded 9-millimeter handgun on his person. In addition, he had what police described as “large-capacity ammo feeders” — illegal ammunition clips — for the AR-15.

The individual was identified as Yasmany Lopez, 25, of Miami, Florida. Police spokespersons did not have further details on what Lopez specifically had been doing to arouse straphangers’ suspicion, how long he had been in New York City or if he had made any statements to police during or after his arrest.

Lopez was charged with several counts of criminal posession of weapons and criminal possession of large-capacity ammunition feeders.

In terms of where Lopez is now, police referred questions to the Manhattan district attorney. The D.A.’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Saturday’s subway station arrest came less than four hours before 10 people were slain in a horrific, racially motivated mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.


  1. Joan1 Joan1 May 17, 2022

    Ya’ll know why this story wasn’t picked up by other media. Racism. It happened in a LES Chinatown station. So sick of this disrespectful racist crap.

  2. ------ m ------ m May 17, 2022

    interesting that this story has not been picked up by other media.
    where is this individual now? what was/is his agenda? was he intending to sell — or to kill?

  3. Kath Kath May 16, 2022

    Grateful thanks to our NYPD! This sends a message that conceal and carry is NOT the law in this section of the nation.

  4. LES3025 LES3025 May 16, 2022

    Wow, cops did their job for once. Still took someone letting them know, but good for them.

    • Eye Roll towards LES3025 Eye Roll towards LES3025 May 17, 2022

      Always a snarky remark from LES3025. Try a different act. Thankfully they may have stopped a mass casualty.

      • LES3025 LES3025 May 17, 2022

        What act? I sincerely despise the NYPD.

      • David Thall David Thall May 17, 2022

        LES3025 is a serial miscreant and social-media barnacle troll.

        Obsessively posting nonsense, he hates Soho homeowners, the police and anyone who actually contributes something positive to the neighborhood.

        It’s been rumored LES3025 is unemployed, lives with his mom in their basement. Fact is, he refuses to use his real name or reveal who he is because he is a coward who spends his time online posting snarky remarks.

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