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City launches new drone permit portal with high hopes

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Drone pilots — start your engines! … First, though, you’ll need to get a permit.

New York City has created a new program for issuing drone permits throughout the five boroughs.

Previously, outside of use by city agencies, drones could only legally be launched and brought back down at model-aircraft fields at a few public parks located outside of Manhattan.

The new permit application for drone takeoffs and landings is now live on the New York Police Department Web site. If a permit application is rejected, there is an appeal process.

Applicants are required to provide an F.A.A. pilot certification with small unmanned aircraft system rating.

Mayor Adams announced the news at a press conference Friday, featuring some choice drone puns.

“We want to build out a pipeline for our young people to be able to learn this technology, to be able to be the [drone] pilots, to be able to just really take the real careers, and it’s just taking flight now,” he said. “We’re paving the way for the future use of drones here in our everyday lives, not just in emergency situations.

“Drones are allowing us to make infrastructure inspections faster and safer,” he added. “We saw how utilizing infrared technology can look at loose bricks, structural problems, loose screws. The potential is just endless. They will help us keep our bridges, tunnels, building and critical infrastructure in tiptop shape and condition. …

“These rules that we are announcing today will allow city agencies and other entities to harness the potential of drone technology while ensuring that drones use doesn’t spin out of control. …

“And they would need to follow rules designed to protect New Yorkers’ safety, privacy and quality of life. We are very conscious of the safety aspect and the privacy aspect, because we need to use technology, I say over and over again, and not abuse it. …

“We are showing that the sky is the limit when it comes to making city services faster, safer and more affordable,” the mayor said. “This is a moment where this city is taking off. No longer running our city from the ground, we’re going to [be] running [it] from the ground and in the skies, and drones are going to lead the way in doing so.”

Meera Joshi, deputy mayor for operations, added, “Just like GPS allowed us to look around corners and now we take things like Waze as customary, drones will allow us to have eyes in the sky. And that broader vision will allow us both to be a better city and to be a better city to do business in and to have fun in.”

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  1. Jam Jam July 21, 2023

    No doubt the City will properly administer, enforce and ensure no quality of life issues.
    Like Washington Square Park….

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