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C.B. 2 to hold meeting on Washington Square Park

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | It was a bit delayed, but Community Board 2 will be holding a meeting this month on the situation at Washington Square Park.

At the big police-led meeting on the park held in mid-June at Our Lady of Pompeii Church, Jeannine Kiely, the C.B. 2 chairperson, said the board wants the park’s rules enforced and does not support all the illegal activities going on, like drug use, fireworks at night and people riding motorcycles in the square.

“Community Board 2 fully supports the Parks Department enforcing the rules in the park,” she said.

At that time, Kiely also announced C.B. 2 would hold a meeting on the park on Wed., July 7. However, it turns out the meeting will now be Wed., July 21, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at Middle School 297, at 75 Morton St., in the cafeteria.

A factor in the delay may have been that Board 2, due to ongoing concerns about COVID, is having some difficulty lining up meeting spaces with local institutions that it has traditionally used, like New York University. Basically, some of these places “are not letting people in,” according to a C.B. 2 source.

The July 21 affair will be a joint meeting of the C.B. 2 Parks / Waterfront Committee and the Human Services Committee, co-led by the committee’s respective chairpersons, Rich Caccappolo and Susanna Aaron.

There is only one agenda item listed for the meeting on the C.B. 2 online calendar: “Discussion on the latest plans for enforcing the rules at Washington Square Park and the results to date.”


  1. laura rubin laura rubin July 11, 2021

    john Penley, what is that we need to know about “many women musicians featured”? does that change the noise level?

  2. O. H. Really O. H. Really July 11, 2021

    Headline Correction: “CB2 Schedules a Meeting to Discuss a Barn Door After the Horse Leaves”.

    “Community Board 2 fully supports the Parks Department enforcing the rules in the park,” she said. LOL… Read as: I am too woke to support the NYPD and I am trying to build my empire. Clueless bureaucrats; where have you been the last several years? Ineffective history on enforcement and worse on quality of life issues. Time for some new players who can function effectively with interagency coordination and not try to build fiefdoms.

  3. John Penley John Penley July 10, 2021

    You are all over the Washington Square Park story, like all the major NYC media is doing, but you have yet to do a follow up on Tompkins Square Park concert permits where it was alleged that lawsuits and Federal Court First Amendment cases were coming. A large number of neighborhood bands《many women musicians were featured》are being denied their First Amendment rights but you are ignoring them and cover everything you can think of about Washington Square. Why???

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