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YouTuber’s show canceled at Gramercy Theatre after anti-Asian rant

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Activist Susan Lee, who is running for City Council in Lower Manhattan’s District 1, praised the Gramercy Theatre for canceling a show featuring YouTuber Charleston White the was scheduled for April 30.

In a video posted on Twitter, White went on an anti-Asian screed, saying, “I hate Asians. We hate gays… . I don’t eat Chinese food. … Yeah, I hate Chinese people… . I think that Chinese stores should be robbed. … I think Chinese women should be raped, brutally…by Black men that hate Chinese women. … I think Chinese babies should be killed and sodomized and used as alligator bait.”

In his disturbing spew, White also disses Asian rapper China Mac, who responed in a video of his own, incredulously calling out a fellow rapper for being on the bill with White.

In a statement, candidate Lee said, “The racist, misogynistic views of this so-called comedian and YouTube creator perpetuate dangerous stereotypes against the entire Chinese community and deserve no platform in our city, state or nation.

“Charleston White is a known anti-Asian agitator; this is not new. While I am glad the show at Gramercy Theatre has been canceled, I am deeply disappointed to see social-media networks fanning the flames of hatred and violence.

“We must stand together in the face of rising anti-Asian hate and condemn these frightening and threatening remarks.”

Posting on Twitter, State Senator John Liu said the whacked-out YouTuber should stay out of town.

“Outrageous racist misogynist rant by sick mofo Charleston White,” Liu said. “Not welcome in New York! Any venue better cancel him.”

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