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Woman leaps to death off Manhattan Bridge

BY KEITH J. KELLY | A troubled 29-year-old woman died in a suicide plunge off the Manhattan Bridge on Oct. 5.

The victim was identified as Gisabel Hyppolite, originally from Florida but most recently living in the Bronx. Friends and family have started a GoFundMe drive to try to raise $15,000 to bring her back home to Florida for a funeral service.

“My big sister Gisabel suffered from postpartum psychosis which later manifested into bipolar disorder and schizophrenia,” a sister, Princess Hyppolite, posted on Facebook. “She has been battling with this for 9 years and Friday, she decided it was too much to burden and committed suicide.”

Kim Gaspard, who started the GoFundMe page, said that her friend had been a “normal, bright and ambitious college student. But in 2013 that would all change. Days after giving birth to her son, she was diagnosed with postpartum depression which later manifested into bipolar and schizophrenia disorder.”

Gisabel Hyppolite was originally from Florida but was living in the Bronx. (Facebook)

Gaspard said her friend had been “in and out of mental facilities and really struggled to grasp reality. Many of you have seen her around and can agree that’s not the Gisabel we all once knew.”

“Family had begged hospitals to admit her long term to get the 24hr care she needed,” Gaspard said. “Gisabel has always been sweet and soft spoken, so they said she was no danger to herself or society and released her over and over, continuing the cycle that would ultimately end her life.”

She said her friend had once walked nonstop from Tallahassee, Florida, to Gerogia and had lived in North Carolina, South Carolina and New York City. She said her friend’s “illness never allowed her to stay content with her current living arrangements — even with family.”

Gaspard said Hyppolite had been abused in foster care and lost her father two years ago. In addition to her sister, she is survived by a 9-year-old son with autism.

“Her life ended tragically as the demons convinced her to jump off a bridge in NY last week,” Gaspard said. “I’m starting this GoFundMe because I hurt for my friend and her family. The funds will be used to transport her back to Florida so she can have the proper burial she deserves.”

Police pulled the victim from the East River shortly before noon on Wed., Oct. 5, and transported her to Pier 16 in the South Street Seaport, where E.M.S. tried to revive her before transporting her to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

She had suffered a cardiac arrest after her leap into the water. The cause of death was listed as drowning due to suicide, according to the city’s medical examiner.

An unidentified male who had apparently jumped into the East River to try to reach Hyppolite before police, was himself pulled from the East River by a civilian boat but suffered no injuries.

As of this Wednesday morning, 42 donors had contributed $3,420 toward the GoFundMe’s goal of $15,000.


  1. Mitchel Cohen Mitchel Cohen November 11, 2022

    Amen to all the beautiful thoughts posted above. And just one more note: THANK YOU to the unnamed fellow who jumped into the river to try to save her, at risk to his own life. Like to learn more about him ….

  2. October 15, 2022

    I pray she’s found that peace and comfort she’s been seeking. Mental health is a Beast that can swallow you whole. More help and compassion is needed for this disease. S.I.P., sweetie.

  3. Avon Benjanin Avon Benjanin October 14, 2022

    It hurts me to read a story like this because she had nobody to talk to. sister took her life and now her son is the one that’s going to suffer the most here. sounds like she had a ruff upbringing. may God forgive her on behalf that she was not strong enuff to handle her problems like others do. nobody should judge this sister. may her soul rest with God and Jesus.

  4. Catherine horner Catherine horner October 13, 2022

    So sad may she finally rest peacefully. Prayers to the family and I hope they give her son the best life they can. 💔🙏🏽😢

  5. Mary Mary October 13, 2022

    My condolences to her friends and family.

  6. Rosa Flounoy Rosa Flounoy October 13, 2022

    Our Country must aggressively address the chronic issue of MENTAL HEALTH NOW! This is the time for all Governmental Officials throughout to step up and compose humane and solid solutions for those that suffer from Mental llness. It does not discriminate and it creates a strong hold on the individuals and their families.

  7. HA HA October 13, 2022

    Trust and Believe it’s way deeper than That The Bronx Santeria crazy out there demonic not to mention people probably was walking around Whispering s*** to her you know really making her psychosis even worse you got to really know what’s going on out here it’s a lot of weird s*** going on out here rest her soul they did what they did and had her do it so that she for future references family needs to be stronger family needs to be stronger family needs to be stronger you only as weak as your weakest link loyalty family y’all need to learn it everyone needs to learn it stick together there is no surviving and Discord only with unity family love. She won’t be the last either I guarantee that because these demons out here are running and people can act like they don’t know or see but hey that’s actually happen to them but it’s okay because the ones that made her do it trust they will atone.

  8. murphyhm123 murphyhm123 October 13, 2022

    more should be done for kids and the foster care system, someone should of stepped in and helped that kid, we all got to pray for her may she r i p, the kids who turn at age 18 need guidance and love, again may the kid r i p who killed herself.

    • Rev.Elissa L. Rev.Elissa L. October 13, 2022

      I was in foster care for 20 years. I blame myself for not coming back for the kids who were still there. My words to the fellow foster care kids. Shit don’t get easy, we survived life without; a family, love, affection, and attention. But that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve it. So build a good ass life for yourself kids. I spent 20 years in BCW/ACS. I aged out. Avoid people who just wanna know your story just to use your pain against you. Because we are natural born empaths, make sure you help people who have less than you. That is the type of jobs we get. Dr’s, Lawyers Judges, Bosses. We know right from wrong, we are great at noticing the difference between right and wrong. Trust me. When you leave foster care, start with finding work that will teach you how to embrace your empathetic abilities. Also when it comes to love, get you a mate that is sigma because although they are very Alpha M/F They also have a side of high tolerance patience. They will love our flaws, maybe judge a little, come off as nonchalant. Well they will appreciate us is what I am saying, they show it in their own way. Therapy helps guys. Someone to vent shit too helps, medical pays for it so vent away. Also most important message: When you have kids of your own love/protect them like we always wished to be loved and protected. Give it all to our people. I have and I don’t think I am done. I will wish you all the best in your journey after Foster Care. You are ALL worth the life you deserve after all that you have endured. Xoxo to my fellow foster care survivors. Like Kendrick Lamar said — We gon be alright, right!

      • Jacquelin Hudson Jacquelin Hudson October 13, 2022

        Amen 🙏 Keep your heads up and Love U!!!.

      • N. Milner N. Milner October 13, 2022

        YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I LOVE YOU… and yes, WE GON BE ALRIGHT!!! Thank You!

      • meesalikeu meesalikeu October 14, 2022

        what you is is amazing advice and so true, true, true from the heart bless you.

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