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Viral New York: Hospitals, homeless, biking, surviving

East Village photographer Isaac Rosenthal has been documenting the scene on the city’s streets amid the coronavirus pandemic — from the hospitals to the homeless, from mask-wearing cyclists and pedestrians to Purell-hawking street vendors. (Click on the photos to expand them for better viewing.)

A child being taken from an ambulance into the emergency room at New York University Langone Hospital, at 33rd St. and First Ave., on March 24. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
These two women were weeping outside Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, at 16th St. and First Ave. A man who came out with them told them, “I’m sorry.” (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A refrigerated trailer being used as a morgue at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, at 16th St. and First Ave. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A nurse picking up a big order of food deliveries at N.Y.U. Langone Hospital. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
Selling masks at 14th St. and Union Square East outside the subway station entrance. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
Impossible-to-find Purell — this vendor had it. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A boy biking on the open street on Park Ave. between 28th and 34th Sts. on April 5, the day before the ad-hoc program was shut down. Mayor de Blasio pulled the plug on the scheme after only 10 days, claiming it required too many police officers. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A father and son biking at Delancey and Essex Sts. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A man looking down Division St. at Allen St. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
Women talking on the Park Ave. open street on April 5, the program’s last day. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
Women wearing plastic face shields and face masks on the Park Ave. open street. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A man walking his dogs on Avenue A between E. Fifth and Sixth Sts. on March 24. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
On a fire escape on the north side of Houston St. between First and Second Aves., a woman looks at her phone. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
Getting in some tennis against the side of the New York Life Building, at 25th St. between Park and Madison Aves. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
On April 3, a store owner at Division St. just west of Essex St. had his place open but was not letting people inside. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A man next to the Manhattan Bridge, at Division and Allen Sts. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
At 14th St. and Third Ave. on April 5, a man digs through a garbage can. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A woman with her belongings on Union Square West. at 15th St. on April 5. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A woman on Park Ave. in the 30s. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A sign on First Ave. across from Bellevue Hospital. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
A social distancing moment: A woman who was in Tompkins Square Park with a friend called out for her. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
The memorial to the victims of coronavirus at Tompkins Square Park’s northwest corner on April 5. Sadly, of course, the numbers have only risen since then. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
Keeping positive: A bus rider at 23rd St. and Park Ave. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)
Staying strong: Two nurses at N.Y.U. Langone Hospital. (Photo by Isaac Rosenthal)


  1. Pat Pat April 13, 2020

    These wonderful photos convey the heart and spirit and loneliness and desperation in the city. Thank you.

  2. Carl Rosenstein Carl Rosenstein April 13, 2020

    Good images

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