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Two N.Y.P.D. cops suspended for ‘troubling incidents’ at Floyd protests

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | As part of departmental investigations into police misconduct during the George Floyd protests, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea announced two officers have been suspended while a supervising officer will be transferred.

In statement Friday evening, Shea said the New York Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau has concluded its investigations into officers involved in two specific incidents. Both instances were captured on video that went viral.

In the first, on Fri., May 29, a police officer at a protest near the Barclays Center in Brooklyn roughly pushed a woman who was standing in the street, sending her hurtling to the curb. The officer currently has been suspended without pay.

In addition, a supervising officer who was on the scene during this misconduct will be transferred.

In the second incident, on Sat., May 30, a police officer abruptly yanked down a young male protester’s face mask, then pepper-sprayed right him in the face. This officer currently also has been suspended without pay.

All three cases have been referred to the N.Y.P.D.’s Department Advocate’s Office for disciplinary action, which could involve training and/or other penalties.

Shea stressed that he is committed to “transparency” in the investigations into cop misconduct during the protests.

“Over the past week, as I’ve said on multiple occasions, we have seen several troubling incidents involving behavior from members of the department that the N.Y.P.D. is actively investigating,” the commissioner said.

“Like all New Yorkers, we are acutely aware of the unique times we are in. While the investigations have to play out, based on the severity of what we saw, it is appropriate and necessary to assure the public that there will be transparency during the disciplinary process.

“These incidents mentioned above are disturbing and run counter to the principles of N.Y.P.D. training, as well as our mission of public safety,” he added. “The actions by these officers stand apart from the restrained work of the thousands of other officers who have worked tirelessly to protect those who are peacefully protesting and keep all New Yorkers safe.”

Shea said more investigations into police misconduct during the protests are ongoing and that findings will be shared publicly.

“There are other matters that we are actively investigating,” he said, “and we will be transparent as the process continues.”

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  1. PatJA PatJA June 6, 2020

    What happened to Francisco X. Garcia, the officer who assaulted, punched, and pinned a bystander at 9th St. and Ave. D on May 2? I have read that he had seven other previous complaints against him and that he has been suspended. Apparently he was on desk duty until he finally got suspended. Was it with pay or without pay? Is he facing any charges? If not, why not?

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