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The miracle of mulch in Tompkins Square

MulchFest — where people can feed their dried-out Christmas trees into a wood chipper — apparently has come and gone in Tompkins Square Park. But some useful mulch has been left behind for the taking.

As of Tuesday evening, there was a big pile by the Hare Krishna Tree.

Mulch is good for spreading on the top of potted plants and for use in gardens. It helps retain moisture in the soil and suppress weeds, and makes gardens look more attractive. In other words — it’s all good!


  1. David David January 13, 2021

    I need a small bag sent to me.
    Easy errand: Just small bag it, hand it to someone at East Village Postal (151 1st Ave ) and they will do the rest.
    Need ASAPLEASE & I’ll Venmo you a gift !!
    Thank You!

  2. lynn pacifico lynn pacifico January 13, 2021

    We used to use “chip” in the Washington Sq Dog run. It was called chip because it went through a wood chipper. Is mulch a new word for the same thing or is it smaller? What differentiates chip from mulch? Chip is still my fave surface. It is cheap & when you pick up dog waste the chip sticks to it leaving the ground cleaner. When a new supply came the dogs played king of the hill on it until we spread it out. It smelled glorious.

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