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St. Mark’s West: West Village is Bourbon St., too

While St. Mark’s Place has become the poster child for bargoers behaving badly during the coronavirus crisis, the West Village is definitely also seeing its share of overcrowding by non-mask-wearing, non-socially distancing revelers.

Sara Kimbell shared a video on Facebook that she filmed on Fri., June 19, around 7 p.m., at W. 10th St. and Seventh Ave. South, showing the street teeming with crowds.

The images in this article are screen grabs from that video.

A screen grab from a video of crowds hanging out at W. Fourth St. and Seventh Ave. South. (Photo by Sara Kimbell)

“Hi!” one of the revelers cheekily calls out to her as she passes by.

Videos of St. Mark’s Place last Friday jammed with pandemic-dissing partiers went viral last weekend, sparking the ire of Andrew Cuomo.

(Photo by Sara Kimbell)

The governor has now warned that offending bars can be immediately stripped of their liquor licenses and shut down, and that he is holding the bars’ operators responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations immediately outside their premises — meaning social distancing and no drinking on the street.

(Photo by Sara Kimbell)

While the scene at W. 10th St. and Seventh Ave. South admittedly wasn’t as crowded at St. Mark’s last Friday, Dr. Fauci still probably would not have approved.

(Photo by Sara Kimbell)

Although the Sixth Precinct is right around the corner from the spot, local politicians stress that they don’t want police involved in enforcement against crowds outside bars, fearing it could lead to confrontation and escalation.


  1. Jean Standish Jean Standish June 21, 2020

    Once again the bars and restaurants are still not following the protocols. The bars and restaurants in lower Manhattan are packed with drinking patrons, crowding the sidewalks and streets with no masks or social distancing.

    When is this going to stop? The quality of life in our community is being totally destroyed by these miscreants. Maybe it’s time to start yanking licenses. These rowdy uncontrolled openings have got to stop.

  2. Jonathan Slaff Jonathan Slaff June 20, 2020

    The revelers are sometimes so thick on West Fourth Street that, many evenings, I cannot pass through at a safe social distance, even by taking to the street. I am glad it is getting attention now.

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