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Sponsored: Get your Bill.F kitchen products today — and get cooking!

BY MEGAN CLARKE | Amid the darkness of the pandemic, there have been some bright lights. One of them can be found right at home — actually, in the kitchen, to be exact.

According to polls, Americans are cooking more — and enjoying it — during the health crisis. And it’s something that many of them expect to continue to do even post-COVID-19.

The benefits of cooking at home are well known, from affordability, to health and weight loss, to fun and forging stronger family bonds.

But to do it right and to enjoy the best experience, you need to have the right tools. That’s what Nancy Xu, the founder of Bill.F learned.

While spending time at home cooking for her two sons, Bill and James, Nancy came across a problem — her kitchen. None of her tools were stylish and high-quality. Why couldn’t kitchenware be elegant and strong at the same time?

Determined to transform the future of the kitchenware industry, she founded Bill.F, named after her oldest son. The business started out as a small knife factory in 1983, but quickly grew. In 2017, the company added high-quality, stylish kitchenware.

Nancy’s products grew in popularity and she began selling her renowned kitchenware to retailers throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. In 2019, Bill.F for the first time brought its products to America.

Bill.F combines high-quality kitchen products and superior craftsmanship with fair prices. Bill.F has integrated knowledge of the world’s finest culinary products to meet the new needs of the American family with stylish and durable kitchenware.

Knives are ergonomically designed, expertly balanced and feature hollow, mirror-finished handles.

Bill.F’s line of cutting and serving boards and wooden bowls are a highlight, both sturdy and eye-catching. Constructed of sustainable acacia and teak wood, the attractive cutting boards — which can double as serving boards — feature deep shimmering hues and unique patterns in artisanal designs.

Once used to create furniture and sailing ships, teak is praised for its durability. Acacia, marked by a multicolored grain, is also praised for its durability and beauty. The boards are easy to clean and stand up to heavy chopping.

Meanwhile, Bill.F cooking tools combine nontoxic silicone and nylon with stainless steel to create the perfect cooking companions. Sporting hollow, stainless steel handles, the cooking tools are lightweight and comfortable to grip.

All told, the company features 60 series of products and more than 300 items.

Bill.F believes a well-loved kitchen means an efficient, beautiful space with kitchenware that is visually appealing, long-lasting and simple to use.

So, get your Bill.F kitchen products today — and get cooking!

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