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Sign of the times: Chase trashes Union Square Coffee Shop sign

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Oh no, they didn’t!

Yeah, unfortunately, they really did.

Clearly, Chase bank didn’t read East Villager Frank Mastropolo’s new book “Ghost Signs: Clues to Downtown New York’s Past.” But they sure should have.

Nooooo, the glare! The iconic Union Square Coffee Shop sign has been replaced by this eyesore of a Chase bank sign. (Photo by The Village Sun)

Or maybe — probably — they just didn’t care.

The iconic green-and-red corner sign of the former Coffee Shop restaurant and bar, at 16th St. and Union Square West, was recently replaced with a glaring blue-and-white one beaming out “CHASE.”

The long-running — 30 years — trendy restaurant, which was a always a terrific date spot, closed last October and was promptly replaced by the bank branch and a JoeCoffee outlet.

This seems to be an increasingly common combo: Just what we need, more caffeine jitters and sterile ATM machine vestibules.

It’s called color coordination: The former Coffee Shop sign matched the building facade and its retro design — so why change it? (Photo by Google Streetview)

The Coffee Shop sign was a holdover — a so-called ghost sign — from an earlier business at the spot that really had been a greasy-spoon-style coffee shop. The stylish shingle added a cool and authentic retro feel to the Brazilian-themed eatery’s exterior.

Mastropolo’s new book documents many such ghost signs all over Downtown Manhattan that have miraculously stood the test of time.

At least Village Sun contributor Mary Reinholz finds the barista at JoeCoffee easy on the eyes — as opposed to that offending Chase sign. (Photo by The Village Sun)

But, well, it was futile to think the multinational bank would actually appreciate any of that.

But, on a positive note, Village Sun contributor Mary Reinholz shared a photo of the handsome barista at JoeCoffee, the sight of whom lifted her spirits — maybe more than an overpriced cup of coffee.

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  1. Gail Gail January 27, 2020

    Great article/shame on Chase Bank. I do not need their signage in my face. The expectation had been that the iconic Coffeeshop sign would have a place on the building. I did stop by to inquire recently and was told they have the sign and no decision on it has been made.

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