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Rockers channel Lou Reed at Two Bridges Luncheonette tribute show

BY EVERYNIGHT CHARLEY CRESPO | More than 25 local musicians took a walk on the wild side at a Lou Reed Birthday Tribute at Two Bridges Luncheonette on March 2. Gary Hood, himself a vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist in Gary Hood and the Last Show Ever, assembled the tribute. He formed a house band for the event with Pablo Martin of Lulu Lewis on bass and Joe Rizzo of Curtis Suburban on drums.

Savannah Karam. (Courtesy Trigger)
Dylan Hundley of Lulu Lewis, with members of the house band, guitarist Pablo Martin and drummer Joe Rizzo. (Courtesy Trigger)
Dan Dubelman of Doctor Dan’s Music Show. (Courtesy Trigger)

Reed is best remembered for his signature song “Walk on the Wild Side.” He was a member of the Velvet Underground before launching a successful solo career. He died in 2013. He would have been 82 years old this birthday.

“I am honored that Gary Hood is having his annual Lou Reed Birthday Tribute at the Luncheonette,” Trigger, owner of the Two Bridges Luncheonette, told The Village Sun prior to the event. “Everybody we asked to do a song or two did not hesitate.”

Daughter and dad, Zelda and John Adams. (Courtesy Trigger)
Arthur Stevenson of Sea Monster. (Courtesy Trigger)

Trigger, formerly the operator of the Continental, a popular East Village rock club in the 1990s, opened Two Bridges Luncheonette at 135 Division St. last fall. In January, he began booking music and comedy shows at the new Lower East Side venue.

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