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Rep. Goldman: No ceasefire until all hostages freed, Hamas’s ‘removal from Gaza’

BY THE VILLAGE S SUN | On Nov. 27, Congressmember Dan Goldman — representing Manhattan south of 14th Street, plus part of Brooklyn — called the humanitarian pause in the Israel-Hamas conflict only a “start down the pathway” to ending the war.

“While I’m encouraged that this pause will continue in the coming days to allow for additional hostages to be released and more aid to be delivered, this is not a time for unbridled celebration,” he said, in part. “Rather, this is simply a much-belated start down the pathway toward a conclusion to this war brutally initiated by Hamas on Oct. 7.

“On Oct. 6, a ‘mutual and unconditional ceasefire’ existed between Israel and Hamas dating back to May 2021,” Goldman said. “On Oct. 7, Hamas, a Designated Terrorist Organization akin to ISIS, savagely attacked Israel, brutally raping, torturing and murdering approximately 1,200 Israelis and illegally abducting more than 200 civilians, including 33 children and citizens of more than 40 countries, most of whom remain in captivity in Gaza more than seven weeks later. Since the Oct. 7 massacre, Hamas leaders have expressly stated a determination to attack Israel until they achieve their objective of eliminating Israel and killing all Jews.

“A resolution that would allow for the end of hostilities must not only include the release of all illegally abducted Israeli hostages but also the full military and political surrender by Hamas and its removal from Gaza.

“Unless those conditions are met,” Goldman said, “the United States must continue to support Israel’s just and legitimate defense of its borders and its people against a terrorist enemy dedicated to its annihilation.

“This support,” he added, “must include urgent supplemental aid to Israel without conditions, as requested by President Biden, so that we can unite in support of our close ally without any domestic political brinksmanship.”


  1. Mary Reinholz Mary Reinholz December 1, 2023

    The self-describred “True New Yorker” continues to spew falsehoods about this writer that he/she appears to have lifted out of thin air–i.e. the allegation that I “lied” in supposedly stating that Israel “bombed and killed 500 people at a Hospital when in reality it was 5.” For the record, I made no such statement and have to wonder if this commenter is seriously deranged. Do seek help, whoever you are, and enjoy the sounds of silence.

  2. Carol Frances Yost Carol Frances Yost December 1, 2023

    Needless to say, I’m not taking any orders or cues from Hamas or Iran. I don’t know any of those folks.

    By the way, I was born the day World War II ended–August 14, 1945. That’s 78 years ago, and since that time, the US has not fought a single just war–but that’s another topic. We also had no right to drop atom bombs on Japan or anybody else; the war was already over. Now we’re all paying the price with the threat of nuclear war.

    Yes, the Jews have been oppressed for thousands of years–ever since they came to be. Tragically, and reprehensibly, Israel does not represent the justice that Jews all over the world deserve, because Israel is not ethical or a democracy. Non-Jews don’t have the same rights as Jews in Israel. Israel has always been greedy for more and more land, and it murders and robs Palestinians to get it. It got land from the Balfour Declaration, but it was given without consulting with the people already living there, and Israel drove out 750,000 Palestinians at gunpoint, never to return, right after Israel got that land. Gaza is not Arab-owned or run; those mile-high fences and watchtowers are Israel’s. Gazans are not allowed out; the place has been called the largest open-air prison in the world. Israel controls everything about it, including the limiting of building materials, food, medicine and clean water. Trouble is, Israel has a very good propaganda machine that lies about what it is up to. And any time you criticize Israel, remember, you’re antisemitic because the criticism is taken as an attack on all Jews. NOT! I’m proud to have met many Jews who feel the same way Mary Reinholz and I do. Jewish Voice for Peace is a whole organization that feels this way.

    No, I don’t think Hamas is just. I think it arose from resentment of the way Palestinians have been treated for years, but no, this was definitely not a just response. Israel, however, is far, far worse. It’s using this situation as an excuse to try to finish off Palestinians for good, really.

    And once again, I remind people that “from the river to the sea” is not a determination to kill or harm a single person. It’s a cry for freedom. Anything the Palestinians do to free themselves, including highly principled things, is used against them and called antisemitic. Netanyahu sees all the Palestinians with an ugly hatred.

    • True New Yorker True New Yorker December 1, 2023

      with all due respect for your age, Carol. You are factually wrong about Israel. I know “you don’t know” any of the folks at Hamas. While it is far from a perfect country (what country is perfect?) Israel is a democracy with elections, a parliament (Knesset) with representatives from all walks – including Arabs. You are aware that there are approx. 2 million Arab Israelis (20% something, I do not think many Americans realize). All citizens (non-Jews too) have the same rights (again not a perfect system) but just like the USA, legally all citizens are equal. Israel does not “murder and rob Palestinians” to get land, if anything they buy it. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was a statement by Britain for a national home for the Jewish people (yes, Jews are the indigenous people of the land long before Christianity and Islam) and have had a continuous presence since Roman explosion. The UN in 1948 approved two states for Jews and Muslims (tiny in comparison to surrounding Arab lands), Israel agreed, the Arabs did not and declared war (and all wars against Israel since then) AND Lost — that’s how Israel got Gaza and West Bank, from being attacked and winning. “Greedy” (Jewish trope), the whole country is the size of Vermont.
      Sure, some Jews agree with you “unethical” – still trying to wrap my head around that you think Hamas (or Assad) or raping and murdering innocents is somehow “ethical.” Also – where is one thread of sympathy for the hostages? those children, not all released. Is it all somehow justified in your worldview? Jewish Voices for Peace does not represent the vast majority of Jews. Hey, the son of Hamas’s leader backs Israel. Google Yoseph Haddad – proud Arab Israeli.

      Gunpoint to drive out Arabs? well the ones who stayed are Israeli citizens. many fled because the Arab leaders told them to as they were wiping out all the Jews and they would get caught up.

      “Gaza is not Arab owned or run”? Israel left in 2005, ethnically cleansing all Jews. Who owns and runs it? No one stopped them from using their billons in aid to build an infrastructure. Israel built its own and would be more then happy to have another Dubai or Singapore (look at a map – it’s on the Meditarean Sea with beaches, same as Greece nearby) instead they built tunnels and a terror infrastructure. That’s when the walls (borders went up) What should Israel do? Not protect itself? and since Hamas took control in 2007 they have continued to shell Israel with rockets (what would the USA do if Toronto sent rockets into Buffalo?) There is also a (closed) border with Egypt, where is your outrage against them?

      Talk about a good propoganda machine – it’s Hamas. and supporters screaming genocide when it’s they who want genocide of the Jews. (Gaza’s population has doubled since Israel left – not very good at genocide).

      I would encourage you to actually visit the place you claim to know so much about. Bring Mary.

      Maybe not to you, but to many people (just ask them) “river to sea” is a cry for the taking over all of Israel from River to Sea for Islam. Where is it that any of them are demanding a state NEXT to Israel? living in Peace? that is all Israel and the world’s Jews want. But, like the 1930s, you believe the worst.. and claim it’s not antisemitism (Jew hate) — if only the Jews did this or that (this tiny minatory of the world) everything would be okay. right..

  3. Carol Frances Yost Carol Frances Yost November 30, 2023

    Hurrah for Mary Reinholz! Thank you!

  4. Miriam NYC Miriam NYC November 29, 2023

    Dan Goldman says aid to Israel must continue with absolutely no conditions. So I guess he’s Ok with the violent settlers in the illegal West Bank burning Palestinian villages down, along with Israel allowing more illegal settlements to be built. He is also OK apparently with bombing hospitals and killing children in Gaza. How does any of this help Israel “defend themselves”? I hope someone runs against Goldman next year and beats him.

  5. True New Yorker True New Yorker November 29, 2023

    News flash, Mary Reinholz – this is also not the forum for you to spew your clearly biased (and wrong) opinions about a country half a world away defending itself from a hostile neighbor that has continued to send missiles across the border for years, even under a so-called ceasefire (and no you don’t get a pass by saying “horrific,” then go on with the unconfirmed numbers issued by the same terrorist organization that uses its own people as human shields.) If you are such a concerned citizen, where is your outrage for Assad killing half a million of his own Syrian people just next door over the last decade? Or any of the other wars and conflicts going on now in this world right now? Hmmm, wonder why.. Jews.. got it

    • Mary Reinholz Mary Reinholz November 29, 2023

      Hard to give any credence to the views of an alleged New Yorker who’s too fearful to identify who he/she is by name.

      • True New Yorker True New Yorker November 30, 2023

        Not fearful at all. but interesting that you didn’t respond to any of the FACTS I stated. Basically I represent myself and so many others who I know and speak to who are horrified and sickened by the far-left embrace of terrorism. Trust me, your silent neighbors are very upset and yet you all continue to be so vocal in your hate. This looks and feels like 1930s Germany. So much for “safe spaces,” “silence is violence,” “diversity.” None of this applies to Jews, historically the most oppressed, discriminated, hated group in the world — who, 78 years after the mass murder of 2/3s of Europe’s Jews (over 1.5 MM children), via the lie of “intersectionality,” have been cast as white, privileged and therefore “oppressors” — ignoring all the nuances — for example, Jews displaced from Arab lands who are as brown as their former neighbors who ethnically cleansed them, Ethiopian Jews are African, or that Jews have any claim to Isreal (as if Christianity does not celebrate a Jewish man from the West Bank 2,000 years ago). The fact that 2 million Arab Muslims live in Israel and are known as “Israelis.” Israel is in no way a perfect country (what country is?) but it is democracy. Unlike the tyrants who run the huge Arab countries surrounding it (still no comment on Assad murdering half a million of his own Syrian people?). Russia invaded Crimea (an Israel-sized part of Ukraine, no protests). Russia then invaded Ukraine with murderous results, again no protests.

        You are siding with Hamas — which is really an offshoot of ISIS. Their charter demands the end of Israel — “from river to sea” Juden Frei. What does that mean? Mass deportation, mass murder. Ask them.
        Hamas also kills people suspected of being gay, women who cheat, political opponents. Uses its people as human shields. Spends millions on tunnels and $0 on bomb shelters. Puts its headquarters and military within hospitals in the hopes Israel kills civilians.

        I did google you Mary, you claim to be an “freelance reporter” and yet only state a biased, hateful one-sided story — not sure where you went to journalism school, but that is not reporting.

        At least now, others see the source.

        BTW – Terrorists shot and killed three people in Jerusalem yesterday (a teacher, a rabbi and pregnant woman) — care to comment? Or just condemn Israel when they retaliate. fyi, Israel has lived with these attacks way before Oct 7. Is it any wonder they need strong borders.

        We see you, Mary (and Miriam and Carol Frances Yost).

        • Mary Reinholz Mary Reinholz November 30, 2023

          Now the so-called “True New Yorker” claims to represent many people and says these other nameless, gutless folks “see” me, plus Miriam and Carol Frances Yost. That statement seems like a threat from an obvious phony and bona-fide jerk, who falsely accuses this writer and others who don’t agree with him/her of siding with Hamas and embracing terrorism. I think you know what you can do to yourself, oh, Untrue New Yorker — if, that is, you can ever find it.

        • Mary Reinholz Mary Reinholz November 30, 2023

          See YOU as nameless, gutless and totally indefensible in suggesting that Village Sun commenters who oppose indiscriminate and disproportionate bombing of Gaza support terrorism. Rave on but you have no credibility so you might as well stFu.

          • True New Yorker True New Yorker December 1, 2023

            Mary, so your only response to is to attack me personally, referencing penis size, telling me to shut the F up, but not address any of the truths I said or the lies you continue with (Israel waited 2 weeks to strike retaliate, warning all to leave, papering towns, calls – what other country in a war has ever done that?) how about your lie that Israel bombed and killed 500 people at a Hospital when in reality it was 50 people killed in a parking lot, the hospital remains, oh and it was Hamas NOT Israel who bombed it (details, details.. dont worry the Times made the same mistake). Proportion ? ok, so should The IDF do what Hamas did? Rape young women til their pelvic bone broke, then shoot them? cook a baby in an oven after killing his father and raping his mother? tying babies together to burn them? beheadings? Israel has tried to avoid civilians but Hamas uses people to protect themselves AND actually hopes civilians die so libtards around the world can blame Israel. Again, congrats on being manipulated by a terrorist organization and the Islamic state of Iran. If I am totally “indefensible” in my saying Israel has a right to exist and therefore defend itself, I am to presume you do not believe that. I will respond no further. Let readers decide.

  6. Wes Green Wes Green November 29, 2023

    Thank you, Village Sun, for publicizing our Representative’s views, and allowing discussion. And thank you to Mary Reinholz. It’s good to know that he released this as a statement. His position is totally clear.
    Brings to mind the song “The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall” (Jimmy Cliff)

  7. Wes Green Wes Green November 28, 2023

    Mr. Goldman, do you remember what happened to apartheid South Africa?

    • True New Yorker True New Yorker November 29, 2023

      What is your point, Wes? You are implying Israel is an apartheid state? You forgot genocide, occupation, colonialism, ethnic cleansing – all lies thrown at Israel. All true about its neighbors. Just because you say something over and over again does not make it true. I find it sad that smart New Yorkers cannot see that. Also sad that Israel after being attacked, its children tied up, burned, its young women raped and murdered, whole families killed for the crime of existing, Israel is forced (in the West) to justify and defend its own existence. No sympathy for the dead or the hostages (the terror of it all), somehow it’s justified. But here goes: Isreal does not occupy Gaza, it’s under full Arab control, there is also a border with Egypt, yes there is a strong border as any country would when neighbor wants you gone, there are 2 million Arab Israelis who are full citizens of the country. it’s a democracy with Muslims in court, their Senate, lawyers, etc. LGTBTQ have full rights in Israel (Muslim countries, it is a crime and often results in murder – same with “honor killing” of women). Where are the Jews in Arab countries? They where thrown out with nothing (ethnic cleansing).
      You so-called woke lefties continue to be manipulated by Iran. Why the attack on Oct 7? Because Israel was close to a peace treaty with Saudi Arabia (and other Arab nations). Congrats, you bought the propaganda of the Islamic state of Iran, hook, line and sinker. Israel (and Jews) are just the test for their plans for the West. I am sure they are pleased.

  8. Mary Reinholz Mary Reinholz November 28, 2023

    This statement from Rep. Goldman should be an opinion piece. It offers nothing new on the horrific events of Oct. 7 and does not address in any meaningful way the humanitarian disaster in Gaza brought by the Israeli bombardment which the BIden administration is seeking to reduce through the current pause in hostilities. Goldman is obviously a hawk who thinks it would be “just and legitimate” for Israel to resume its relentless air strikes and ground invasion on tiny Gaza if Hamas fails to surrender. The congressmember doesn’t mention the current death toll of civilians in Gaza, reportedly 14,000, most of them women and children, or the deaths of journalists (about 40) and of UN aide workers (at least 100). Surely, The Village Sun can provide more balanced commentary from government leaders representing Downtown New York.

    • The Village Sun The Village Sun Post author | November 29, 2023

      Mary, the congressmember issued a statement, a release. It’s newsworthy. Among Downtown pols, he is sounding off the most frequently. He was in Tel Aviv during the Hamas 10/7 attack. You don’t like his message — but don’t shoot the messenger.

      • Mary Reinholz Mary Reinholz November 29, 2023

        It’s a press release from the congressmember and needs more context and other views to make it a legitimate news article.

        • The Village Sun The Village Sun Post author | November 29, 2023

          Mary, we’re busy working on our monthly December PRINT issue right now! So, sorry this article was not a New Yorker-length piece dissecting all issues of the Middle East conflict. But it is some news and please take it for what it’s worth.

          • Mary Reinholz Mary Reinholz November 29, 2023

            Oh come on! You don’t have to write a “New Yorker-length” piece to provide a little more factual information on a newbie congressmember expressing a familiar opinion that obviously doesn’t constitute earth-shattering news.

          • JJS JJS December 1, 2023

            Give me a break. Mary is absolutely correct in her statement on the level of atrocities committed by Israel in response to the horrific terrorist attack. And saying so doesn’t mean someone supports Hamas. We need to be able to have critical conversations in this country. It doesn’t make you antisemitic to highlight 11,000 deaths of many innocent Palestinian people is a disproportionate and reckless response. Why not go in with special forces and root out the problem with a scalpel instead of leveling a city? The Israeli response is unfortunately par for the course when you have a bunch of extremist men in charge of the military. And many progressive Israelis agree that their government has been failing and continues to fail in the response. Bibi evidentially had intel that this sort of attack was in the making.

            No one is faulting Israelis for wanting to enact revenge. But there is a better way to do so than replicating what the US did in its decades long war in Afghanistan and Iraq, that just ended up creating more terrorists than it eliminated. Israeli is delaying any chance of peace for generations with their reckless response. You can’t “defeat” terrorists in a battle. It requires a massive, global political pressure campaign that includes dissuading young people from aligning with these extremists, economic opportunity that fosters them seeking better options, and tactical removal of those that have chosen to join violent gangs. We, the West, seem to have learned nothing from 9/11.

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