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Protests continue to run their course

As protests over the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis continue to flare, marchers in Manhattan made their way through Soho and Union Square on Tuesday.

They didn’t walk, though — they ran. Maybe they were trying to shake the police off their tail.

(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
A police helicopter in the sky above Soho tried to keep its sights on the marchers’ movements. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

Police have been following the mostly young marchers, including using helicopters to keep an eye on their movements.

Floyd, 46, died in police custody on May 25, after Officer Derek Chauvin pinned him down with a knee on his neck for about nine minutes.

(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

Chauvin was quickly charged, four days later, with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

In addition, on Wednesday, the three other officers involved in Floyd’s arrest were all charged with aiding and abetting murder while Chauvin’s top charge was upgraded to second-degree murder.

The Guardian Angels have been out patrolling in Soho and the East Village, trying to help stop the rampant looting that has shaken the city. Above, some Angels passed a clothing store whose front door had been damaged either by unpeaceful protesters or by looters trying to break in. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
Trying to keep the message on track: A woman shows support for the protesters while standing in front of a boarded-up storefront. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
Protecting a storefront from looters. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
A protester at Union Square. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

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  1. carl rosenstein carl rosenstein June 4, 2020

    I observed the Tuesday “peaceful protest” up Broadway from my fire escape
    Your story is illustrated with protesters running “to shake police off their tail”
    This is not the case. I observed the entire half hour march and did not see one cop
    accompany the march and certainly no one was chase. I did observe self-appointed
    leaders signaling marchers to run to close ranks. That’s all

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