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Protesters set fires, clash with cops in Village

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | After last night’s peaceful “Protect the Results” march that saw thousands stride down Fifth Ave. to Washington Square Park, things took a darker turn as another faction continued to march around the Village.

According to police, the protesters set trash fires at W. Fourth St. and Sixth Ave. and other spots. The New York Post reported that two people burned a Joe Biden campaign sign to cheers, and that others cursed outdoor diners at Jeffrey’s Grocery seafood restaurant, on Waverly Place, shouting at them, “F— your dinner!”

The protesters were decrying police violence and calling for racial justice, similar to the marches during the George Floyd protests this summer.

Eventually, they were confronted by cops at Leroy St. and Seventh Ave. South., and then again at Eighth St. and Fifth Ave.

In a video tweet that went viral, one protester — a 24-year-old woman from Pennsylvania — can be seen repeatedly yelling in an officer’s face, “F— you, fascist!” After he pulled up his face mask, she promptly spat in his face, at which point he arrested her. The woman later said she was objecting to police using their bicycles to hit people.

According to reports, in the end, police arrested 25 people — most of whom faced disorderly conduct charges — plus gave out summonses to another 32.

The Post said that cops also recovered a Taser, two knives and M80s from among the protesters.

However, protesters criticized the police, among other things, for the scene at Eighth St. and Fifth Ave., saying the police trapped them “like sardines” before moving in and aggressively making arrests.

After the cops began handcuffing people, the protesters started chanting, “Let us disperse!”

Police misconduct and racial justice aren’t the only issues people are demonstrating about right now, though. Elsewhere across the country, tensions are rising between groups over vote counts in battleground states.

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  1. David R. Marcus David R. Marcus November 5, 2020

    This does nothing to promote free and fair elections and social justice and is either misguided or designed to undermine them.

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