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More ‘illos’ from the pen of Mac McGill

East Village artist Mac McGill shared three more of his illustrations a.k.a. “illos,” as their creators call them, with The Village Sun: “Woke,” “New Year’s” and “LES 1980s.” He uses a Rapidograph No. technical pen to create them. McGill was a squatter in the East Village, though he and his allies will allows know it as the Lower East Side. After all, “East Village” was a marketing term originally cooked up by real-estate types to piggyback off the popularity of Greenwich Village.

“New Year’s,” by Mac McGill.
“LES 1980s,” by Mac McGill.
“Woke,” by Mac McGill.

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  1. Stephen DiLauro Stephen DiLauro January 20, 2020

    Actually, East Village was in use to describe the neighborhood around Tompkins Square Park and the lettered avenues for many years before the real estate boom. Find a copy of “Once There Was a Village” by the late Yuri Kapralov and read it for more on this.

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