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Man shot on bustling St. Mark’s Place near weed store

BY KEITH J. KELLY | St. Mark’s Place, normally the thriving heart of the East Village, was shut down Friday night and early Saturday morning as police investigated a shooting outside one of the two smoke shops on the block.

Witnesses said three shots were fired outside a weed shop on St. Mark’s Place Friday night. Police told The Village Sun that one victim was struck once in the stomach and transported to Bellevue Hospital.

A sergeant on the scene. (Photo by Keith J. Kelly)

A Police Press Department spokesperson said the shooting occurred outside 120 St. Mark’s Place, which is the site of a shutdown marshmallow store. However, residents and cops on the scene said they believe the shooting was connected to the “weed shop” next door.

One witness said they were drinking in a bar on the corner of St. Mark’s and Avenue A when they heard what they initially thought was a car backfiring, but then when at least two more shots rang out they realized it was a gunshots.

A police spokesperson said the shooting occurred outside this vacant former marshmallow shop. (Photo by Keith J. Kelly)

Several restaurant workers on the block said they thought at least four shots were fired.

Police cordoned off the entire block between Avenue A and First Avenue for hours, leaving many residents of the area unable to get back to their apartments.

One individual pleaded with a sergeant to be allowed back into his home on the block so he could feed his dog, but the officer told him it was still an active crime scene. The exchange was cordial, with the St. Mark’s resident saying, “I realize you’re just doing your job, but my dog needs water.”

Police were still at the crime scene early Saturday morning. (Photo by Keith J. Kelly)

The sergeant on the scene replied, “I sympathize with you but it’s still an investigation of an active crime scene.”

A police spokesman said that the victim was “known to the department” — indicating he had prior arrests. However, police did not publicly release the victim’s name.

“No perpetrator description was given,” according to cops.


  1. Cooper Union Parent Cooper Union Parent October 24, 2022

    There should be a list, when one goes to rent in the neighborhood, of folks living nearby who have prior arrest records. Like the sex offender registry. It might motivate landlords not to rent to ex-cons, thus have a safer neighborhood.

  2. DuchessofNYC DuchessofNYC October 24, 2022

    WOW!! Squished! Watch the weed shops that are getting away with selling without licenses start getting regulated now… or not. Zeldin’s gonna ride this crime wave if NYC doesn’t watch out.

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