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LUNGS Harvest Fest will be a bounty of art and fashion

BY CHARLES KREZELL | Come out of your cells or your shells! Take the smells out of your ears and your eyebells! Get the hell out; or get outta hell, and then join us on Sat., Oct. 3, and Sun., Oct. 4, for the Ninth Annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival. Be there noon-ish to 5-ish p.m.

And let’s make this a coming/getting-out event. You can stay safe and solid as you parade about the avenues, you beautiful masked thing.

Get dolled up for this Festival. BE ART and Go from Art to Art. Sashay from garden to garden in your fabulous fashions. Show us what you got. And see what we got.

There’s a lot of love out there and we are going share it. Each garden is preparing a crazy show/exhibit inside their garden fence.

We are all stuck inside something, living inside the Human Zoo. This 2020 festival is dedicated expressing our 2020 lives through art.

Insolation is the enemy. We need to spread the love virus. Infect me with your ideas. Let’s swap mine.

All the exhibits will take place behind or on the garden fences with the audiences on the sidewalks. The audience will be moving, fluid. The art stationary.

We will be promoting this as an Art exhibit and the gardens as a Green Museum, the different gardens are for touring audiences. Community gardens will begin dialogues through their unique programs.

If you have something you want to share go to We want to foster our wild variety of mindheads through our art.

For the event schedule and more information, visit

Krezell is president of Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens a.k.a. LUNGS.

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