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Little Baby New Year

Little Baby New Year
Come Suckle at the Breast
of those who’ve Sacrificed their lives
To Speak out and Protest!

Learn with Black Lives Matter
And the Story Labor’s Union Struggles tell
Listen to the Teachers
And the Students — Study well
Yes Study well, the friends you meet
Dodging rubber Bullets in the Street
The Doctors and the Nurses who worked well beyond their Pay
And the Grocery clerk who came in Sunday
so the Store could open one more day

Sit on the Shoulders of DACA’s children
And those who’ve been deported
Sit Atop that Wall
Before it Falls
Built by a hand — corrupt, sordid and Morbid

Throw out the lies and Conspiracy Theories
That tried to be last year’s self-reliance
Let your tongue, the Truth to tell
And develop Well
Your mighty Fist of Science

We’ll wrap our arms around you
With Solar, Wind and Thermal
So you will be
our Future Seed
Its Flower and its Kernel

Your Given Name is Future
And your Last is Strength and Love
To which we Crawl and Grope
Yes — Your Last name must be Struggle
But your middle name is Hope

Little Baby New Year
Grow up Big and Strong
This is the Year
When Change is Here
And it won’t take Long
For us to Open up the door
Step out and Greet the Sun
When this month turns One and Twenty
And you’ll be 21
You’ll come of Age
And turn the Page
Cause You’ll be 21
on January Twenty-one

Field is executive artistic director, Theater for the New City.

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