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Like a bridge over troubled…air

Whoa, Canada!

Nope, that’s not a vintage sepia-toned photograph. That’s what New York City actually looks like on Wednesday afternoon as a result of a mass of air pollution wafting down from the Canadian wildfires.

Basically, the city’s skies have turned a sickly yellow hue and it smells like we’re all sitting around a humungous, smoky campfire — only without s’mores.

Roger Bultot captured the scene from his Lower East Side apartment window overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge.

An air quality alert has been extended through tonight. Meanwhile, people are being advised not to exercise heavily. Experts say that wearing a good-quality KN95 face mask can help. (Luckily, many people still have masks handy from the pandemic.) Staying indoors with windows shut obviously is the best way to avoid breathing in the unwanted particulate matter from north of the border.

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