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Just saying… NYC Emergency Management drops P.S.A. on nuclear preparedness

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | As if we didn’t have enough problems already. Oh yeah…there’s this big one to worry about, too. …

The New York City Emergency Management Department on Monday launched a new public-service announcement advising people how to respond in the advent of a nuclear attack.

Basically, the answer is — get the hell inside! Get inside a building fast and shut all doors and windows. Go to a place “as far into the middle of the building as possible,” away from windows — preferably to a basement, if you have access to one.

Also, if you were outside, immediately “clean yourself” of any fallout — radioactive dust and ash — with soap or shampoo and remove and bag all outer clothing that you were wearing.

Finally, stay inside, keeping windows and doors shut, until word from officials that it’s safe to go out. Follow media for updates and for official updates.

“All right?” the perky spokesperson asks at the video clip’s end. “You got this.”

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  1. Jane doe Jane doe July 11, 2022

    False flag alert

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