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Hoylman faces challenge by anti-vaxxer Glass

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Updated Tues., May 26, 2:30 p.m.: The primary election for state Senate District 27 is literally going viral — that is, a major issue in the campaign is where the two candidates stand on vaccinations.

Brad Hoylman, who is running for re-election, has held the seat since 2013.

His challenger, Elizabeth Glass, is a vaccination opponent from the East Village.

Hoylman, on the other hand, who lives in Greenwich Village, is a prominent advocate for vaccinations. He sponsored the bill that last year overturned the state’s religious exemption for student vaccinations.

And that’s exactly why Glass is running and why there will be a primary on June 23.

The district includes Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square, part of the Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, the East Village and Lower East Side.

Brad Hoylman, right, and Assemblymember Harvey Epstein petitioning in Stuyvesant Town in March for voters’ signatures to get on the ballot for the June primary election. (Courtesy Brad Hoylman/Twitter)

Glass’s Twitter page describes her as a mom, teacher and eduction advocate.

Although it’s not clear to what extent she is getting her message out to the wider public, she definitely has the support of vaccination foes.

“This is ginormous news!” enthused Fed Up Democrat, an anti-vaxxer blogger dad, in a post raving about Glass’s entering the race.

In an endorsement of Glass’s candidacy on his blog, Fed Up Democrat said, “If [Hoylman] loses his seat it will send an amazingly clear message that New York is DONE with having our children used as lab rats for Big Pharma profits.”

Around Easter, Glass announced on Facebook Live that she had succeeded in getting on the ballot for the primary.

In addition to vaccines, Glass is also concerned about the handling of the current coronavirus pandemic — which could, at some later point, also involve vaccinations.

In a follow-up Facebook video on May 11, she condemned Governor Cuomo’s plan for COVID-19 contact tracing, claiming that it could lead to children being taken away from their parents.

“As a politician and a parent, I’m fiercely opposed to this,” she said of contact tracing. “I think it’s the worst example of government overreach in our country’s history.

“I think COVID-19’s very serious,” she said, “but…99 percent of people recover fine. And also there’s problems with the tests; there’s a lot of false positives with the tests, so it’s not 100 percent accurate.”

Glass said she is “going to look into having hearings” in New York State about contact tracing.

Elizabeth Glass in on the June 23 ballot for state Senate in District 27. (Courtesy Elizabeth Glass)

In another Facebook video, she slams “virtual learning,” which she accuses Cuomo and Bill Gates of pushing amid the pandemic.

“Children need the socialization,” she stressed.

Her sign-off motto, which she ends some of her Facebook videos with, is: “We are all essential.”

Glass’s Twitter feed only reaches back to May 5. In general, it’s full of her tweets against vaccinations, COVID-19 contact tracing and other actions by Cuomo that she feels are overreach.

The New York Times recently reported how anti-vaxxers are finding common cause with reopening advocates — including reactivated Tea Party members and armed militia members — around the issue of personal freedom.

In one tweet, Glass seems to imply that Hillary Clinton, had she won the election, would be pushing coronavirus vaccinations.

Although she does seem to be a “one-issue candidate,” there is at least one other issue she has posted on: She opposes bail reform, fearing it will cause an increase in crime.

Her Twitter feed also features a potpourri of posts by others bashing governmental coronavirus health edicts — including a Sacramento sheriff saying he won’t arrest scofflaws of California’s stay-at-home order — a conspiracy video about Bill Gates’s plan for population control through global vaccinations, and a post touting the curative powers of Trump’s favorite, hydroxychloroquine.

The Village Sun tried to contact Glass but she did not respond.

The passing of the state senator’s bill to lift the vaccination religious exemption — which Cuomo signed into law amid last June’s measles outbreak — enraged the anti-vaxxers. Children are barred from attending school if they don’t get the shots.

At first, the anti-vaxxers responded by storming and angrily disrupting community meetings at which Hoylman and other lawmakers who backed the bill appeared. Understandably, that was unnerving for the politicians.

From there, the anti-vaxxers have now moved on to running for office. Fed Up Democrat lists Glass first on what he calls his Vaccine Choice Voting Bloc of candidates.

Asked for comment on Glass’s challenge and his own candidacy, Hoylman sent The Village Sun a lengthy statement. He said he was proud to pass the law ending religious exemptions, and would work to increase access to a COVID vaccine if one becomes available.

“I’m running on my eight-year record in the state Senate, passing over 60 bills and fighting for tenants, women’s reproductive rights, the L.G.B.T. community, the environment, seniors, public schools, government reform, mass transit and the survivors of sexual abuse,” Hoylman said.

“But the agenda has dramatically shifted this year as our city and state have been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic,” he said. “COVID-19 is a threat that magnifies the enormous inequality we’ve witnessed in our healthcare system along race and class lines. That’s why it’s so important we follow evidence-based policy-making in Albany to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

“In the midst of the measles outbreak last year that sickened over a thousand New Yorkers, as a member of the Senate Health Committee, I’m proud to have led the battle in the Senate to ensure schoolchildren were vaccinated,” he declared.

“It’s a lesson many of us in the L.G.B.T. community first learned from ACT-UP in the 1990s — first, listen to the scientists and second, fight like hell,” Hoylman continued. “I’ll continue to do both to protect our community from the ravages of the coronavirus, H.I.V./AIDS, measles and other diseases and healthcare disparities that threaten the future our great city and state.

“I’m headed back to Albany this week to do just that and pass a package of bills in response to the pandemic, including legislation that I sponsor that would crack down on price gouging, protect tenants from eviction, increase access when a COVID-19 vaccine is available, and allow the adult survivors of child sexual abuse more time to file claims since the courts have been closed.”

Like Glass, Hoylman is also a parent. This April, New York approved surrogate birth, passing a bill Hoylman sponsored in the state Senate. His two daughters with his husband, filmmaker David Sigal, were born via surrogate through an out-of-state agreement.


  1. Paul Paul June 21, 2020

    What the heck is an Anti-vaxxer? Does that mean she believes vaccines should all be banned? What an inaccurate term. Is she really “anti-vaccination?” Or is she opposed to mandatory vaccination. Wouldn’t it make more sense to call her a vaccine choice advocate? or a vaccine safety advocate? Whoops! Your bias is showing.

    How about raising some of the actual issues, like whether safety trials of vaccines are done according to the gold standard double-blind placebo method? Or whether we have a system to properly account for the injuries done by vaccination. Why not let them debate? why not ask why they believe what they believe.
    Why is it a “conspiracy” video since Bill Gates’s own statements include reducing the population through vaccination?
    How far we have strayed from real journalism.

  2. Susan brown Susan brown June 1, 2020

    I don’t think Liz Glass is necessarily “anti vax.” I, for one, am not but I AM PRO-CHOICE and pro-personal decisions being personal. Mr Hoylman wants to make the HPV vaccine mandatory for all 7th graders (he has legislation on it pending and has tried to do so for years ). Without the vaccine, my child, who is fully vaxxed, would not be able to attend any school in New York City any longer. How is that “democratic?” My child is not ready for that vaccine — not emotionally, not physically. I also have another child with neurological and psychiatric deficits who cannot detox from vaccines. She came down with shingles a year after the varicella vaccine and is susceptible to getting it. Again and again. Since New York changed the definition of medical exemptions to include ONLY anaphylactic reactions, she had to leave New York to be educated or risk worsening her heath. And now Brad wants to make the covid 19 vaccine — which has NOT been safety studied or studied against a true placebo or studied over the course of years to determine long-term effects, like every other vaccine? Uhm, no thanks Brad. You want it? It’s great that you can have it. But DO NOT MADATE SOMETHING THAT HAS NOT BEEN STUDIED TO BE SAFE LONG-TERM INTO MY CHILD (in order for her to be able to obtain an education in New York). He does not know better than me what is OK for my child. BYE BRAD. You have overstepped and now you need to move on. #byebrad

  3. Lily carver Lily carver May 29, 2020

    I doubt you nut jobs will appreciate the joke but you all sound like General Jack D Ripper talking about “precious bodily fluids”. Sadly that is from the most brilliant of all film satires. DR. STRANGELOVE and you folks are real.

  4. Nicole Nicole May 28, 2020

    I support Elizabeth Glass. In no instance has she said she is against vaccination. She is however, pro-choice, pro medical freedom AND pro Freedom. We need more candidates like her running and representing us and the United States Constitution. She has my vote.

  5. Jessica Doe Jessica Doe May 27, 2020

    God Bless Ms. Glass. I hope she is successful in her bid for this seat and if I were a resident in her district she would surely have my vote. The fact of the matter is that Ms. Glass is representing freedom for the people. Her campaign is showing residents that although they may not agree with their neighbors on how to steer their lives, she believes in their freedoms to be able to do so. Isn’t that what America is supposed to stand for after all? Best wishes on a successful election!

  6. Eve Elizabeth Eve Elizabeth May 27, 2020

    I’m grateful to Elizabeth Glass for running against Brad Hoylman and for addressing people’s rights.
    While she stands for health freedom, Brad Hoylman is proud to have trampled on parents’ and children’s constitutional rights to health freedom and bodily autonomy.
    Contact tracing! Do we really need the government to monitor our every step and possibly remove our children from our homes?
    Virtual learning. For whose benefit?
    Thankfully Elizabeth Glass is watching out for our best interests while Brad Hoylman is doing the opposite.
    Elizabeth Glass 2020.

  7. Raquel R. Raquel R. May 27, 2020

    Once again the media throwing around the label “anti vaxx”. Well, people are getting smarter and see through this ploy. All you have to do is a little research to see that Glass is the better candidate, standing for medical and parental freedoms and Hoylman has passed some horrific bills trampling on our rights. Village Sun, you should interview Glass.

  8. Dana Dana May 27, 2020

    I would prefer a representative that saw all sides of the coin. I would expect from a Gay man to have open views for people and parents about their medical decisions…. I mean the gay community has been stifled for years. And he wants to continue to have medical procedures forced onto people…..And have children not be allowed to go to school because of their religions? I’m appalled to read this . What if a bill was passed that you couldn’t go to school bc you were gay? How crazy is this world coming too. I don’t trust him he would be the first person to keep throwing us under the bus!

    I can’t believe that people are referring to this as anti-vaccine. it seems more to be it’s about right to choose…my body my choice? Aren’t democrats about that???? What planet are we living on?

    Vote him out

  9. Kx Kx May 27, 2020

    She is anti covid19 tracing which would eventually allow Cuomo’s contact tracers the power to go into your home and dictate who gets taken away for the “better good” give me a break. Holyman needs to go.

  10. Ben Truax Ben Truax May 27, 2020

    It’s time for Hoylman to go. He’s part of the problem we are facing in NY with an overreaching government. He is an enemy of individual liberty.

  11. Katerina Varvaras Katerina Varvaras May 27, 2020

    Thank you Liz for running! We need more pro-choice people in office. People that respect and acknowledge medical freedom and religious freedom, the RIGHT to choose what goes into OUR bodies and OUR children’s bodies. Enough with government control!

  12. B Fuller B Fuller May 27, 2020

    If that were the case, you would not have families suing – and winning – to restore their medical exemptions for their sick children. Unfortunately, the only parents who can do so are parents who can afford the cost of a lawyer. Medical exemptions in NYS are virtually impossible to get. This was always the case, but new regulation eliminated virtually all. On top of a sick child, losing schooling and therapies, losing a job to stay home with a child, losing a home because you have no job, is the result for these poor families. Stating medical exemptions are available to all shows only one thing — that you have done no research of any kind. No parent plans to have a sick child.
    Think very carefully about about what choice you would make between following the advice of your doctor, who advises against a specific medical procedure for your sick child and being required to do so in order to go to school. What choice would you make? Think carefully before voting for someone who thinks that decision doesn’t belong to you.

  13. Amelia Nash Amelia Nash May 27, 2020

    Liz Glass is not an “anti-vaxxer” as stated here. That is a misnomer anyway. She believes that people should have medical freedom in the form of choice. We should be free to choose medical procedures including vaccinations for ourselves and our families. Brad has been pushing his agenda to mandate the HPV vaccine for all 7th graders. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and has nothing to do with school. He has also co-sponsored bills to allow our children to get vaccines without parental consent or knowledge. How can a parent provide adequate medical treatment for their children if they don’t know their own children’s medical history.? She is for PARENTAL RIGHTS which is paramount for all parents and grandparents. Our freedoms are slowly slipping away and we need to stop this train now. He also wishes to mandate a COVID vaccine for all school age children. This will spill over to adults soon too. Polls show that many are skeptical of this fast tracked vaccine and would like to choose for themselves on this issue. Would you? And again if an individual chooses to vaccinate that is their choice. A day may come when you too wish to have a choice on the matter for someone you love. VOTE FOR LIZ GLASS!!! For you, for your children and those to come. We must preserve the freedoms promised to us in the constitution.

  14. Stacy Stacy May 27, 2020

    My body, my kids, my choice! Thank you Liz for running and being our spokesperson! We should not lose our medical freedom, we should not be mandated! Every child deserves a free education no matter sex, religion, race etc.!

  15. Sharen Sharen May 27, 2020

    Liz is a wonderful woman who cares about the well-being of families. Remember that just because a headline bleeds, doesn’t mean that it leads with truth.

    Time for a new pool of NY politicians. The corruption and greed is at an all-time high in the NYS Legislature.

  16. Alicia M Alicia M May 26, 2020

    Hoylman continues to attack our right of bodily autonomy- vaccines for all no matter the circumstances. Say no to Bad Brad and give us our choice back.

  17. Chris Z Chris Z May 26, 2020

    This article is biased and full of misinformation. Liz Glass is pro-informed consent, and pro-medical freedom. There are risks for any medical intervention, including and especially vaccines. Go search the GOV VAERS database and see all the reported injuries and deaths that Harvard Medical School Study said represented likely less than 1% of all serious injuries and deaths. Go read the vaccine package inserts. Realize that there isn’t a single vaccine in the history of the world that has ever undergone a double blind INERT placebo safety study. They are tested against other untested vaccines and for mere days or couple months at most.

    For contrast, the drug VIOXX which killed thousands before it was pulled from the market underwent double blind inert placebo safety studies for 60 months! Realize that the US (taxpayers) have paid out more than $4.3 billion in vaccine injuries and deaths in a vaccine court that most of the population doesn’t even know exists. Furthermore, medical exemptions essentially don’t exist in NYS. Even if one of your children dies from a vaccine, your other living children cannot get an exemption. Exemptions are also only for the individual vaccine that caused the damage, even though many of them contain the same toxic ingredients. Mandated vaccines are a system that doesn’t consider an individual’s susceptibility for injury and compels them to play Russian roulette with their lives.

    Children today are expected to get 72 vaccines to attend school. That number was 14 when I was in school. If you think you are educated on the complex subject of vaccines simply because you are parroting the same old phrases “vaccines saved us” and “safe and effective” that have been beaten into our heads since kindergarten, then you are seriously mistaken.

    If you are looking for science-based research and peer-reviewed science on vaccines from the world’s most renowned scientific journals, I highly recommend:

  18. Amy Lin Amy Lin May 26, 2020

    Liz Glass has my vote. Bye bye Hoylman, you selfish freedom thief.

  19. Danielle Gail Danielle Gail May 26, 2020

    It is about time to get Brad Hoylman out of office. His arrogance and selfish choices are not welcome as a representative of our community. What is happening to NY is disgusting. Between bail reform and late term abortion, any official who supported these bills, like Hoylman, need to be voted out and NY restored. Thankful for Elizabeth Glass. If this article is trying to inadvertently criticize her by using the term “anti-vax,” let it be known that anyone who is, in other words, anti-poison, anti-lies, anti-gullible and pro-Science, should in fact be respected.

  20. Emily Marie Emily Marie May 26, 2020

    Medical freedom is paramount to a free society and I choose to live in the land of the free. I believe every parent should have a choice to make medical decisions regarding their children, alongside their trusted doctor, without a bureaucrat getting in the way. Currently there is no “public” science that investigates transmission of pathogens in vaccinated children versus unvaccinated children so to claim that unvaccinated children spread disease more than those vaccinated is at this point in time a scientifically baseless hypothesis. Bottom line for me — between Liz Glass and Brad Hoylman, Liz Glass absolutely has my support.

  21. Lisa Breen Lisa Breen May 26, 2020

    Thank you Liz. My body, my choice. It’s our constitutional right to decide. You have my vote!

  22. lily carver lily carver May 26, 2020

    Perhaps some of you anti-vax zombies would like to provide some evidence of Hoylman taking money from Big Pharma. I went through his donations, most were unions, lawyers etc.and I saw two from drug companies but a fraction of overall money. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your beliefs. You guys all post the same crap. I am sure you get on great with Trump another anti-science who puts millions of lives in danger and attack “fake” news

  23. Anna Iolandi Anna Iolandi May 26, 2020

    I know her too and she is a great, caring and brilliant person! She does have my vote!

  24. Erin Knight Erin Knight May 26, 2020

    Hoylman is sponsoring a bill that will kick kids out of school if the don’t get HPV shots, even though HPV has absolutely nothing to do with school. He promotes discrimination against medically fragile and vaccine-injured children. He even kicked Amish children out of their schools by sponsoring (and passing) a bill to remove a longstanding religious exemption to vaccinations. Let’s remind Hoylman that religious persecution, medical discrimination, and violations of consent are unAmerican and vote him out!

  25. Chris M Chris M May 26, 2020

    Little by little our rights and freedoms are being taken from us. Death by a thousand cuts. Cuomo handed nursing home executives immunity from prosecution during the Covid pandemic. Congress gave pharma liability protection from vaccine-related injuries. Who has the courage to look out for the little guy? It appears that Liz does. We haven’t seen this level of bravery in the NY state legislature in a very long time.

  26. Leila A Leila A May 26, 2020

    I 100% support Liz and her fight for medical freedom and choice. She is awesome and we all need to vote for her. (Thank you Liz for standing up for the people!!!!)

  27. Kelly Kelly May 26, 2020

    Hoylman has already proposed the bill to require the covid vaccination for all school-going children. A vaccine that is fast tracked and skipping the years of trials and research. Are you okay with that (as well as his flu and HPV mandate bills)?

  28. Cynthia Cynthia May 26, 2020

    It is so clearly obvious that this article is written by a bias individual that appears to know nothing beyond the mainstream media narrative.


    Medical Freedom is what we should all be focusing on right now – Glass gets my vote! Hoylman has proven that he doesn’t give a shit about human rights. He is pushing for children as young as 9 years old to be vaccinated without parental consent! Do you really want that for your child! I’m pretty sure if you offer a 9 year old a lollipop they will let you vaccinate them with anything! I don’t even want to think about how he will push to force vaccinate everyone with the new UNder-Tested Covid-19 Vaccine! This is a no brainer! He is outdated! and needs to go!

  30. Danielle V Danielle V May 26, 2020

    Hoylman is a tyrant and a hypocrite. He’s all for freedoms but only for his own. I never knew that medical freedom was such a bad thing! The right to choose, bodily autonomy… last I checked this was the United States of America and the shift due to people like Brad is destroying our once beautiful state of New York. Glass all the way!

  31. Rebecca Rebecca May 26, 2020

    I am for medical freedom!!! I choose what medications I take, what procedures I have and so on … There has been MAJOR overstep by our policy makers. Freedom of choice is so very important if we want to continue to be a FREE country. Any elected official or candidate who is FOR protecting that, has my vote !!!

  32. Caroline Shamar Caroline Shamar May 26, 2020

    Thank You Liz Glass for giving us hope for our children. Hoylman is a pharma sponsor. Clueless. Dangerous. He does not care about injuries or medical freedom. He turns a blind eye. He must go.

  33. Michelle Michelle May 26, 2020

    Could this article be any more one-sided and judgmental? You should research both candidates further. Glass doesn’t rest her candidacy on being an “anti-vaxxer,” just as Hoylman has no experience in medicine. It’s medical freedom vs. Governmental control.

  34. Dinne Gill Dinne Gill May 26, 2020

    You need to do more research on both Glass and Hoylman. Glass is for medical freedom, that means choice between parents, patient and doctor. Hoylman wants to mandate HPV vaccine to all young school children stealing parental rights. Gardasil is a high risk vaccine with many adverse effects and death. No shot, no school. HPV is Not contagious in a school setting why should young children be mandated to get the jab? Read up on Hoylman’s ties with Merck pharmaceuticals. Read Merck’s rap sheet. Follow the $$$. Not only parents but School districts oppose The HPV mandates along with many politicians. Hoylman does not care and mocks vaccine injured children. In removing religious exemptions in June, twenty six Thousand kids were kicked out of school which included kids allergic to vaccine ingredients, vaccine injured and immune suppressed. Also families who do not believe in abortion; aborted fetal cells are in ALL vaccines along with many toxic ingredients. Question why our children need all these vaccines. Question the ingredients. Question why we the richest country have the sickest children. Question why has autism skyrocketed since vaccine mandates have increased. Question why do we have so many SIDS deaths. Question Brad Hoylman’s motives on vaccine mandates. Hint, hint….his mother-in-law. Question why Merck dropped $48 million into Cuomo’s budget the day after religious exemptions were removed. ???? once your eyes have opened you will never close them again.

    • lily carver lily carver May 26, 2020

      Medical “freedom” to infect and possibly kill other people with contagious diseases. If you don’t want your kids to get life saving vaccines then home school them and never let them out of the yard/house. You are also lying if a child has a MEDICAL reason not to take a vaccine ( which is rare but happens) they ARE exempt.

      I also checked Hoylman’s donors and see no major pharma money and he actually has sponsored legislation to get rid of corporate donors. funny how so many of these posts use the same language. Its especially outrageous that after over 20,000 deaths Ms Glass would oppose contact tracing and encourage children to socialize while we are still dealing with a highly contagious disease spread by personal contact

      I used to think NYC was immune from crackpots who deny science but sadly we have no vaccine for stupid

      • Rita M Palma Rita M Palma May 26, 2020

        Angry post. You base these statements on nonsense; you have done no research. It is virtually impossible to get a medical exemption to vaccines in NY. Brad supports medically vulnerable children being put in harm’s way. Read the Emergency Measures memo from DOH from August 19. Reactions to vaccine are NOT rare. Do you realize there are 72 mandated vaccines for NYC before a child graduates? 30 years ago, there was a dozen. Do you know that you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for a faulty product? Do you know a SINGLE vaccine ingredient? Name one. Just one. Get some original material (thought) instead of regurgitated garbage from the lamestream media.

      • Cynthia Cynthia May 26, 2020

        Lily, I can tell by your comment that you are not educated past mainstream media in the area of vaccination studies and vaccination rights. That is ok, your entitled to your opinion as am I, but please do not mistake your opinion as fact.

        • lily carver lily carver May 26, 2020

          yes silly me believing doctors instead of crackpots. It is not hard to get a LEGITIMATE medical exemption. You of course just believe wackos

          • Christine Murphy Christine Murphy May 27, 2020

            I hear ya, it’s incomprehensible that a legitimate medical exemption would be denied, right? Well that’s the fact here in NY. Look up the names Ameer Hamideh and Thorn Schwartz. Both of these children are disabled, and had valid medical exemptions that were invalidated by the new rules that were put in place last August by Cuomo and his cronies like Hoylman. These two disable children were kicked out of school in September; their parents sued and won the right to return to school. I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks it’s justified to kick children, especially severely disabled children, out of school is unfit to serve in public office.

          • Val Biro Val Biro May 27, 2020

            Lily, if you are convinced that vaccines work, why are you so worried about other people? Go and get vaccinated, feel protected, sleep well, don’t mind the rest of the population. Or are you saying that even with the almighty vaccines you feel threatened? Then why let them inject you if vaccines don’t work – just to litter your body? When was the last time someone you know tried to get a LEGITIMATE medical exemption? It’s not ok to force medical procedures on the general population without informed consent. This is not the nazi Germany from decades ago. Did you know that in the US manufacturers are not liable for their product since 1986? Did you know that there were no safety studies about vaccinations for the past 32 years? Did you know that there are no double blind inert placebo safety studies before vaccines are approved? Did you know that vaccines were ruled “unavoidably unsafe” in federal court? Did you know that the manufacturers spend more on advertising and lobbying than on research? Did you know that the same manufacturer who makes 50 Billion dollars / year on vaccines also makes 500 Billion dollars yearly manufacturing asthma- allergy-, eczema, epilepsy etc.meds? American children are one of the sickest in the developed nations – 54% of the children in the US have chronic health conditions, life threatening allergies and autoimmune diseases skyrocketed in the past two decades… coincidentally with the increase of the mandated vaccinations. You need to do some of your own research and thinking, instead of parroting what the mainstream media feeds you. It’s your choice to believe that a liability free product is to protect your health, but you have no right to force your belief on others – especially on parents with vaccine injured children. Your adored Brad H is a bought and paid for Pharma shill, committing crimes against humanity. If you believe in vaccines, go get them, it’s your choice.

  35. Concerned New Yorker Concerned New Yorker May 26, 2020

    Very misleading article. Pro informed consent, pro choice. For LGTB equality and rights. Advocate for the disabled, who for too long and too often have been forgotten and dismissed. A mother, a parent an advocate. Someone who will not put their political career in front of their constituents’ needs and concerns. Someone who will stand up to Cuomo and the corruption in Albany. Those are just some of the things that come to mind. Change needs to happen, Brad Hoylman knows his time is up. He has given up all his legislative power to a corrupt Governor with his vote of S7919 and ran home.
    Vote him out, meet Elizabeth Glass, speak to her and vote him out. Get your voice back in Albany!

  36. Chris Chris May 26, 2020

    This is a very misleading headline Liz Glass is pro informed consent, pro constitutional rights, pro choice, pro lbgt, and for medical freedom. I like that shes a teacher and a champion for students & adults with disabilities. She will advocate for children’s education. I would listen to her with concern to bill gates restructuring the NY public school system.
    All senators should have term limits and I believe Brad’s is up. Its time to have a woman represent district 27

  37. Gojira Gojira May 26, 2020

    I’ve known her for years. Never knew she was such a whack job. She doesn’t get my vote, although I detest Brad Hoylman.

    • Steph Steph May 26, 2020

      Medical freedom. She not telling anyone what to do with their bodies. This article is not accurate as most media is owned by corporations to make sure they spin information. I would rather be free to make Medical Decisions than have someone tell me I have no choice. A vote for Brad is a vote for LOSS of freedom. he already has bills into state for a vaccine that has not been created for use yet. Scary right???? Also she is NOT a one issue challenger. So Much more. If you
      Have a family and like you freedom (Go USA!!!) – Glass is going be pro freedom pro family pro American. Anti vaxx is old term and used to misinform and take away from the Real facts. It’s all about perception of media.
      It’s making sure you Are NOT FORCED TO HAVE MEDICAL PROCEDURES BY THE STATE. TO DRIVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TO FLY ON AN AIRPLANE. ITS A BIGGER PICTURE – it’s about DEMOCRATS TAKING CONTROL of you and your families decisions on a larger scale. Brad wants to take that freedom away. He has touted science. Science is a study and ever changing. He is not interested in keeping g you safe only controlling people and clearly this article was written to scare people as if she is radial when in fact Brad is the radical one who has been stripping away rights as soon as he can do it. It was happening- please media is an big issue. Call her office and read up on her. She is popular because she is for Medical freedom! Brad sponsored a bill to strip and make injections mandatory for students to enter into school. Only 25,000 Healthy students in the entire state were Told if you don’t conform you are not welcome here. What about the special-ed students who can’t tolerate the shots because of seizures??? It’s so sad what they did.

      • Sue Sue October 26, 2020

        It’s nice to know there are clear minded, critical thinkers! Thank you Steph! Too many sheep that do not consider individual’s histories or concerns…all about $$$ profits over people.

    • Rita M Palma Rita M Palma May 26, 2020

      Whack job? Where do you get that? Just because she supports your right to refuse vaccines? This is a phony, Brad- sponsored comment. Please.

    • Lindsay Wellman Lindsay Wellman May 26, 2020

      Think about voting against him, not necessarily voting for her. We need change and this is a big step in getting there. Holyman needs to go!

    • Bill Manning Bill Manning May 27, 2020

      What makes her a whack job? She’s fighting for our medical freedom and the right for us to choose, the one thing that Brad seems to really oppose. Careful bashing the only person willing to challenge this medical fascist unless you want forced and mandated risky medical procedures part of every New Yorkers life. I’m proud of her. She’s done nothing in my eyes to warrant your derogatory comments. She represents more of our best interests than Brad does. I can think of nothing that goes against being a free American than forced vaccination and this type of gov’t overreach. What happened to give me liberty or give me death? The constitution and the Bill of Rights both were absolute. Was there a clause in there that states unless there is a virus with a .3% death rate (that’s point 3 if you didn’t see it)? Brad is the epitome of gov’t overreach as he sends our children to pharma to be used as lab rats. If you learn anything about vaccines learn this: vaccines are not safe. They were deemed “Unavoidably Unsafe” by the supreme court. They are considered a “black box” product and carry lethal warnings. Vaccines are not rigorously safety tested like medicines which are held to a higher and more strict standard as opposed to vaccines which are considered “biologics” and, as such, go thru far less safety testing, sometimes as little as 4 DAYS! Vaccines are also not safety tested against inert placebos which, in itself, is outrageous but instead are tested against other vaccines that have already been approved or just the other ingredients in the vaccine like aluminium, poly sorbate 80, msg, gelatin, phenol glycol (antifreeze), etc. This fraudulent safety testing should be scary enough but when you find out that in 1986 the Vaccine Protection Act was signed into law making impossible to sue the manufacturer anymore because of all of the damage, injury and death associated with vaccines you really get a feel for what their priorities were…PROTECT THE VACCINE PROGRAM AT ALL COSTS! The vaccine program is more sacred and afforded more protection than our precious children. Learn this and you’ll bee light years ahead of most, including doctors. Don’t bash Elizabeth Glass because you don’t agree with everything she believes in. Celebrate her running against Hoylman because she truly is trying to protect us, our children and our rights as free Americans. If we have no say on what’s forcibly injected into our bodies are we really still free Americans? I support Liz Glass and thank God we’ve finally gotten fed up enough to put in one of our own

    • Elisa C Elisa C May 27, 2020

      Why is Hoylman trying to force vaccines on us? Especially Gardasill which is known to be dangerous, and anything for COVID19 which will not go through proper testing? I’m not his guinea pig!
      Thank you Elizabeth Glass for protecting our medical autonomy!
      Any and all procedures, including vaccinations, should be a choice between an individual and their doctor, and not mandated by Vaccination Forcers like Hoylman!!!

  38. Anthony Donovan Anthony Donovan May 26, 2020

    Thank you. Brad could build some bridges by at least hearing a number who are on the fence about mandatory vacinations in a land where science and medicine are deeply imbedded in profitteering. So, we need to at least let people know that you’ll keep an eye on that Brad. We know of those around the world working on a safe, tested vaccine are willing to offer it freely to the world, as Jonas Salk did with Polio. But not our big pharma… they are rushing to get there first, patent and make a huge profit…. and control it. That’s wrong in my eyes.
    While up there in Albany Brad…. the thing to do immediatly is get back on the table real rent relief. If landlords are crying then get them relief as well…. but we will lose very quickly small businesses that have been paying taxes and are the glue of our commuity…. we’ll lose them overnight if we don’t tell landlords to chill for the duration of lockdown and until things get more stable…. that is also an immergency. We have a letter circulating right now from EV small businesses. You’ll get it soon. Thank you.

    fyi: our feds have not skipped a beat upkeeping the beyond huge cost of military, nuclear weapons etc. whilst we scramble for leftovers. Let’s get priorities straight. Over 800 military bases overseas isn’t for our security and safety. Let’s read a little Roman history. Take care of the people’s needs… health, housing, education… that’s our security….

  39. Carl Rosenstein Carl Rosenstein May 26, 2020

    What happened to “my body, my choice” ?
    Hoylman’s bill is clearly unconstitutional.

    • Nora Staffanell Nora Staffanell May 27, 2020

      The problem is, it’s not just your body. What you do with yours affects others. And it is legal to protect the community, even when an individual might be restricted.

      • Christine Murphy Christine Murphy May 27, 2020

        Sorry, but if you believe that vaccines are moral, safe, and effective, and they are a good fit for you knowing your own personal health history, there is no law preventing you from getting one to protect yourself. In this equation, the only one at risk is the person unvaccinated. Mandating vaccines is not in alignment with democratic values (remember? My body/my choice?)

        • lily carver lily carver May 28, 2020

          Um No. The reason we eradicated polio is a vaccine. The reason measles is FAR less common than decades ago is a vaccine. And vaccines only work if everyone who does not have a medical reason to take one, gets it. The few measles outbreaks including in NYS in recent times were among the unvaccinated. So if you don’t want a vaccine, don’t go out in public, and sign a legal release that you won’t seek any medical treatment if you get a disease you refused to vaccinate for. The government has ALWAYS had power re public health and it can in fact “lock up” people with highly communicable diseases who refuse to stay home.

          I assume if you were to get cancer or have a heart attack, you would not seek treatment from the evil medical community or take any drug from “big pharma” because medicine is just some evil conspiracy against your “freedom.” Guess what? Living in a free society also entails RESPONSIBILITIES. The fact that so many believe in utterly unscientific crap is sad but it won’t stop the rest of us from making sure you obey the law.

          • Fafa Fafa May 30, 2020

            Um no. Polio was already at minimal levels when the vaccine was introduced – please do your research. Plus the vaccine actually GAVE many children polio. Again, do your research before you spew the false narrative that Holyman and pHARMa portray.

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