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Hey, joggers…just do it! Wear a face mask

Thanks to Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver for calling attention to a widespread problem — joggers refusing to wear face masks or any kind of face coverings whatsoever.

Yes, runners are out for some healthy exercise, terrific. But  presymptomatic coronavirus carriers can spread the disease, and asymptomaic carriers might be able to, as well. Do New Yorkers really need to have joggers potentially huffing deadly COVID droplet clouds into their faces?

And our government leaders are all saying — well, at least they finally are now — that we should all be wearing some sort of face covering to #stopthespread. The message is being displayed everywhere, including on all the Wi-Fi street kiosks. Judging by the fact that most New Yorkers are actually wearing masks now, people seem to be getting the message.

C’mon, joggers! Don’t be oblivious and selfish. Get with it!

Maybe an annoying ad slogan will get the message through:

Wear a face covering — Just Do It!

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