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Google it: Internet giant to buy St. John’s Terminal site

The St. John’s Terminal site, the memo said, “is being reimagined into a highly sustainable, adaptable and connected building. Its biophilic design connecting people more closely to nature will add numerous outdoor open spaces and reconnect the Hudson Square neighborhood to the waterfront. The building will also offset 100% of its carbon in support of Google’s ambitious carbon goals.”

The Washington Street project was designed by COOKFOX Architects.

In addition, Google will have office space at Pier 57, at W. 16th St. in Chelsea, which is expected to be completed next year.

Over all, Google hopes to grow its New York City workforce to 14,000 in the coming years.

Since 2005, Google has provided more than $170 million in grant funding to nonprofits in New York. In the Hudson Square neighborhood, specifically, the company is supporting the new Jackie Robinson Museum, opening next year, with a grant to help deliver new educational programming for students.

Also in Hudson Square, Google has provided grant funding to the Children’s Museum of the Arts to help launch new digital programming for childhood arts education, and to God’s Love We Deliver, which offers free meals and services for those living with H.I.V./AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses.


  1. JackDog JackDog September 22, 2021

    Harking back to then Mayor Bloomberg’s said willingness to suspend effective NYPD enforcement against rogue bike riding, we can see the method below the madness.

    Bloomberg wanted to attract the high-tech industry to increase the tax base etc.

    Many of the employees of FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) companies like to ride bikes. Transportation Alternatives asserts that the more bikes on the streets the safer the streets. Ipso facto, the less the NYPD enforces the law, the more bikes are likely to be ridden. Therefore, DO NOT require helmets; allow bikes to be ridden on the sidewalk — against the flow of traffic — against the light; make cycling more hazardous for the rider and pedestrians and motorists. And, not coincidentally, blow the real estate values through the roof.

    Anyone research how Bloomberg Enterprises positioned itself prior to the rezoning orchestrated by Maestro Bloomberg before exiting his third term in office?

    One might check out the area in Queens where Dan Doctoroff is promoting another convention center. Buy cheap — rezone — ride high as real estate explodes.

    Who says politicians prefer power to money?

  2. ------m ------m September 22, 2021

    so much for the affordable housing the location was intended for……..

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