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Goldman leads call for Egypt to create ‘safe zones’ in southern Gaza, facilitate humanitarian aid

Dan Goldman on Wednesday was joined by 106 fellow congressmembers in calling on Egypt to work with the U.S., Israel and international stakeholders to support and facilitate safe zones in southern Gaza and enable a steady supply of humanitarian assistance to flow from Egypt toward the safe zones until the civilian population is able to return to the north of the Gaza Strip.

“We are optimistic that the international community will participate in providing financial assistance for this humanitarian situation,” the members wrote, “but Egypt’s robust participation is essential to the success and the safety and security of up to 2 million Gazans who are desperately in need of such support. Further, those states that have been long-standing intermediaries for Hamas, especially Qatar and Turkey, should be called upon to help as well”

“Israel has the well-established right and responsibility to respond to Hamas’s brutal terror attacks,” a press release from Representative Goldman said. “As Israel defends itself and takes necessary measures in support of its national security and to rescue the roughly 200 hostages currently being held in Gaza, Israel’s military has taken painstaking care to avoid civilian casualties.”

Although the Jewish state has repeatedly warned Gazan civilians to leave Hamas locations and targets, according to the press release, “Hamas is actively working to prevent the evacuation of innocent Palestinians in order to utilize them as human shields. In fact, Hamas has even taken active steps to prevent foreign nationals from evacuating through the Rafah Border Crossing [at the Sinai Peninsula], the only remaining way out of Gaza.”

Goldman’s release noted that Egypt is “a consistent security partner to the United States” and that “Egypt’s partnership with the Israeli government since 1980 has played a valuable role in preserving peace and security in the region for decades.”

Following the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel, in which 1,400 Israelis were massacred and 200 others kidnapped, Goldman said Hamas must be “eradicated.”

The first-term congressmember represents the 10th District, which includes Manhattan south of 14th Street and part of Brooklyn.

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  1. Carol Frances Yost Carol Frances Yost October 21, 2023

    Dan Goldman says Israel “has taken painstaking care to avoid civilian casualties.” Liar, liar, pants on fire! That is definitely and decidedly untrue. That is an assumption by Dan Goldman because he thinks Israel is good and wouldn’t do such a thing. It’s done such things for many years. Now it’s doing them much more intensively. It’s not the first time, either; previous bombings of Gaza have killed thousands. They were called Israel-Hamas Wars. Uh-uh. They were Israeli attacks.

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