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Flowers and prayers for the fallen on 9/11 anniversary

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Sunday at the World Trade Center was a bit more subdued than last year’s benchmark 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

The crowds were smaller — yet the feeling of loss for family members and friends of the victims was no less painful.

Family members at the 9/11 memorial in Lower Manhattan. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
Every year, firefighters from around the region and around the world attend the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

Loved ones came bearing flowers and also sometimes wearing shirts with 9/11-themed or patriotic images on them.

Joseph, 39, wore an American flag bandana on his head and a flag T-shirt. He had been in the area of the World Trade Center the day of the unthinkable disaster in 2001.

A family member who lost a loved one on 9/11. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
Family members arriving at the memorial. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

Another man stood solemnly wrapped in a blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flag. It wasn’t clear what his connection was to the devastating terrorist attack. However, photographer Q. Sakamaki — who has covered conflict zones around the globe — said it only shows that “war is everywhere.”

Joseph was a teenager during the fateful attack. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
A man stood somberly near the transit hub wrapped in a Ukrainian flag. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
People near the memorial site this 9/11. (Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

The night before, the inspirational, annual Tribute in Light had beamed up from near the World Trade Center into the darkened sky.

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  1. Chris Flash Chris Flash September 13, 2022

    Pay your respects to those killed on September 11, 2001, as well as those who died over the following 20 years due to exposure to toxins, as well as American soldiers, Iraqi citizens and Afghani citizens who died over the past 18-19 years as a result of the US invasion and occupation of those countries based on LIES told by the US govt, by making EVERY EFFORT to spread awareness about what really happened and to bring those responsible who are still alive to JUSTICE.

    Do NOT allow the passage of time to let them get away with this. So far, they have….

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