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Cuomo’s gotta go! Downtown pols call for governor to resign

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Updated March 8, 11:30 a.m.: It’s time to go, Cuomo!

Downtown politicians are adding their voices to the chorus of cries for the governor to resign in the wake of the dueling COVID nursing homes scandal and sexual-harassment accusations.

On Sunday, in a bombshell, state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins publicly said Cuomo must step down. Her statement reportedly followed a phone call with Cuomo in which he told her he would not resign but would have to be impeached before he would leave office. Cousins had previously said if one more woman accused Cuomo of sexual misconduct, he would have to go. Two women came forward.

Right before his conversation with Stewart-Cousins, Cuomo had declared to reporters during a phone call that he would not resign. He said to do so, while state Attorney General Letitia James’s investigation of him is ongoing, would be “antidemocratic.”

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie indicated his support of Stewart-Cousins’s position, though did not actually say that Cuomo must leave office.

Meanwhile, Manhattan pols are piling on, saying Cuomo must relinquish the governorship. Among them are Comptroller Scott Stringer, state Senators Brad Hoylman and Liz Krueger and Assemblymembers Yuh-Line Niou and Harvey Epstein. A candidate for mayor, Stringer said, if necessary, Cuomo must “swiftly” be impeached.

Niou was formerly chief of staff for Queens Assemblymember Ron Kim, who has been one of the most outspoken critics of Cuomo’s order to put COVID-infected patients into nursing homes. In response, Cuomo recently reportedly phoned Kim, furiously threatening to “destroy” him unless he retracted his criticisms.

In addition, Cuomo for months refused to reveal the actual number of nursing home patients who had died of COVID in hospitals, plus shaved down the figure by thousands in a report. A federal probe is ongoing.

Niou went on CNN to call for Cuomo to step down, saying she is not afraid of retribution from Cuomo.

Epstein retweeted an editorial from the Albany Times Union calling for Cuomo to resign.

The first woman to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment was Lindsey Boylan, a Chelsea resident who — like Hoylman — is running for Manhattan borough president.

A former Cuomo aide, Boylan said the governor once blocked her path and kissed her on the lips and another time during a flight suggested they play strip poker. In general, she said, Cuomo created an environment of sexual harassment.


  1. Marty Curls Marty Curls March 8, 2021

    I agree with Mary, totally!

    Marty Curls

    • mary reinholz mary reinholz March 8, 2021

      Thank you, Mr. Curls!

  2. Patricia Melvin Patricia Melvin March 8, 2021

    Democrats are so willing to cut each others’ throats – makes me really disgusted. The political correctness bandwagon is so top heavy and loaded down it’s heading for a crash. Not only this rush to judgement, but also, why didn’t these women stand up to him at the time instead of crying about it afterwards? What happened to “please sir your behavior makes me very uncomfortable and unless you want a slap, stop it.” Girls and young women need to be taught how to stand up for themselves! If it results in getting fired, THAT = proper grounds for a lawsuit.

    • mary reinholz mary reinholz March 8, 2021

      Good points, Ms. Melvin!

  3. mary reinholz mary reinholz March 8, 2021

    Disgusting rush to judgment by throat-slitting pols who dare to call themselves Democrats.

    • cerqueuxles cerqueuxles March 8, 2021

      I agree with you Mary.
      I have always known that the US is a country of racists and bigots with the government eager to stifle and crucify and condemn anyone whom this nation of false christianity deems worthy.
      What is the most disgusting and disturbing at this moment in time, is that New York and these “democrats” are buying it hook, line and sinker.
      This man has protected and saved New York in the times of one of the greatest pandemics in history, and went up against the biggest PIG TRUMP in history. There are no intellectuals in NYC anymore.

      • mary reinholz mary reinholz March 8, 2021

        Cuomo certainly deserves a more measured response than what he got from pols clamoring for a shot at his job.

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