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Cuomo condemns Trump’s ‘failed coup,’ sends NY National Guard to D.C.

Updated Thurs., Jan. 7, 1 a.m.: After Wednesday’s shocking breaching of the U.S. Capitol Building by a mob of angry Trump backers trying to overturn the election, Governor Cuomo expressed his horror at the attack on American government.

“We must call this what it actually is, a failed attempt at a coup,” Cuomo said.

“This is the final chapter of an incompetent, cruel and divisive administration that has trampled on the Constitution and the rule of law at every turn, and we won’t let President Trump, the members of Congress who enable him, or the lawless mob that stormed our nation’s Capitol steal our democracy.

“The election results are clear and the will of the American people will be carried out.”

Two and a half hours after this statement, Cuomo announced he was sending in Army Reserve members from New York to help keep things under control in the Capital.

“At the request of United States National Guard officials, I am deploying 1,000 members of the New York National Guard to Washington, D.C., for up to two weeks to aid and facilitate the peaceful transition of presidential power,” he said.

Trump’s last day in office is Jan. 20.

For 244 years, the cornerstone of our democracy has been the peaceful transfer of power,” Cuomo said, “and New York stands ready to help ensure the will of the American people is carried out, safely and decisively. God bless our brave men and women in uniform, and God bless the United States of America.”


  1. carl rosenstein carl rosenstein January 7, 2021

    Cuomo, I know that name. Is this the same Cuomo who has suspended the Constitution in New York City?

    Is this the same Cuomo who hates Jews and organized religion?

    Is this the same Cuomo who has killed hundreds of thousands of small businesses and property owners?

    Is this the same Cuomo whose psychotic “medical” policies resulted in the death of a minimum of 7,000 seniors in nursing facilities and has suppressed the number who died in hospitals, probably another 5,000 to 10,000?

    Is this the same Cuomo who failed to call out the National Guard to protect New York City, allowed SoHo to be ransacked, Macy’s looted and violent, oops, I mean “peaceful protests” to rage in the early summer?

    Is this the same Cuomo whose pandering criminal justice polices have led to the doubling of the homicide rate and dramatic increase in random violence.

    Is this the same Cuomo who condemns violence yet threatened to assault the President of the United States?

    Is this the same Cuomo who lit up the WTC pink to celebrate full-term abortions? Something otherwise known as infanticide.

    Is this the same Cuomo who has driven the economy of New York into a black hole prompting the exodus of 300,000 tax payers?

    Is this the same Village Sun that once had courage and integrity? Sadly, it’s not.

    • Harold Appel Harold Appel January 8, 2021

      Very sad stuff. Are you the same Rosenstein that worked for Trump’s injustice department?

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