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COVIDiots invade Washington Square Park

Late Sunday afternoon, a group of about 100 people gathered in Washington Square Park to demand “Open New York Now!” and protest against the possibility of a new lockdown.

They apparently feel that current pandemic-related restrictions are actually equal to a lockdown.

Everynight Charley Crespo snapped some photos — but he wisely didn’t stick around to ask questions since most of them were not wearing masks.

(Photo by Everynight Charley Crespo)
(Photo by Everynight Charley Crespo)
(Photo by Everynight Charley Crespo)


  1. Anna C Anna C November 25, 2020

    Advocacy reporting or censorship? Why doesn’t your paper tell the truth! Covid didn’t cause the lockdown, but the economic worldwide collapse!! Covid is a distraction so people don’t & can’t organize or create another Occupy. Why don’t you tell those 48 million who lost their jobs that it had nothing to do with Covid and that they’re not coming back? The fact the whole mainstream media, controlled by 5 big corporations, is censorsoring any alternative discussion including your paper says volumes on the covid narrative. You say the science? Well science doesn’t have to inflate covid deaths or silence the opposition. It should be confident. There is no science that shows wearing masks does anything. Show me the science! You can’t because it doesn’t exist. The PCR test is a fraud. Show me the science it isn’t? You can’t. In fact, The Appeals Court of Portugal just blew the lid on that! In fact thousands of respected doctors & researchers have outed the lockdown as a fraud. Why are their voices censored. Covid has a 99.97% survival rate. Why do we need to lockdown for a disease with a 0.03% death rate? Does the Village Sun remember when George Bush and all the countries of Western Europe were saying Iraq caused the WTC attacks? So countries get together and lie all the time for profit & control. Many politicians have openly talked about the Great Reset and NWO. We are in Great Depression 2 (GD2). Covid Didn’t cause the lockdown, but the worldwide economic crises. Millions of kids are going to bed hungry. And papers like yours are responsible!! This is why Germans followed the Nazis, because all their papers were bought off and they all followed the narrative the Bankers behind the Nazis wanted. Covid was created as a distraction so people wouldn’t protest or even be able to organize GD2. Because those jobs lost are never coming back! If 48 million Americans were told their jobs weren’t coming back due to GD2, there would have been riots, but the covid narrative stopped that. It makes them think things will return back when they won’t. All panics & depressions end in starvations & war to kull the surplus unemployed. 1907 Panic led to starvation, WW1, and forced flu vaccine, 1929 GD1 led to starvation, and WW2. You fill in the blanks 2020 GD2 will lead to??? PS this isn’t the first time this government faked a pandemic. It faked a smallpox pandemic during in 1893 to call a lockdown & divert attention to the Panic (depression), and let’s not forget the fake Swine flu epidemic used to make $$$ for Big Pharma!!

    • The Village Sun The Village Sun Post author | November 25, 2020

      Thanks for your comment. Still think wearing a mask is the way to go for right now.

      • Rubygirl Rubygirl November 30, 2020

        Please don’t forget social distancing and not congregating in large numbers. Also don’t forget that covid was out of control in NYC. We were ground zero for the world. Through the lockdown, masks, and social distancing we were able to bring our numbers down to the lowest in the entire country. The COVIDIOTS that think this is a hoax claim the hospitals weren’t filled beyond capacity, neither were morgues. The refrigerator trucks were real. The mass burials were real. Denying this is like Holocaust denial. Except no one on trial at Nuremberg ever said it didn’t happen. My niece worked at NYU Langone during the height and did 18-hour shifts from March onward. She is a hero who couldn’t visit her mother at home who almost died from the pneumonia caused by Covid, then relapses. She was sick for months. My cousin in Pensacola agreed with Flash, and her last words on Facetime with her daughters were that this is real and they’d better wear masks. It burns me up when I see comments like the one above and the indignant garbage from Flash, who apparently doesn’t know anyone who died, or was left with a long recovery or organ damage. He doesn’t avail himself of any news because, like Trump cultists, he doesn’t believe any of it is worthy journalism. Some of those are Pulitzer Prize winners, unlike Flash and his “anarchist” fanzine.

    • Chris Flash Chris Flash December 2, 2020

      THANK YOU, Anna, for your informative and PASSIONATE response.

      I too would have thought that The Village Sun would act as an ALTERNATIVE to state media controlled by a handful of conglomerates, but unfortunately, the Sun appears to be following the party line.

  2. Chris Flash Chris Flash November 24, 2020

    “COVIDIOTS”?? Is THAT your idea of reporting news? There is a BIG difference between reporting a story and EDITORIALIZING under the guise of reportage. You have a DUTY and an OBLIGATION to keep your opinion to yourself or to clearly state that your piece is either an “op-ed” or an “editorial”.

    I happen to AGREE with those demonstrating against senseless edicts and decrees issued by “emperors who wear no clothes” and I support their bravery in taking a stand against them.

    Chris Flash
    The SHADOW

    • The Village Sun The Village Sun Post author | November 25, 2020

      Hi, Chris, you can call it “advocacy journalism,” if you like. Yes, people should wear face masks. Our health officials tell us it’s the right thing to do to prevent the spread. People in countries around the world are doing this, it’s not just some misguided conspiracy theory. Everyone around the world is doing it because it’s the right thing to do. Also, these people in the park are endangering others, so it’s selfish and reckless. And wearing a mask is so easy. As one health official said at a COVID memorial in Tompkins Square a few months ago, “Just wear a damn mask.”

      • Chris Flash Chris Flash December 2, 2020

        Hi Lincoln,

        Feel free to re-read my response. I have NO problem with you (or ANYone) expressing an opinion. I DO have a problem with you expressing YOUR opinion in the guise of covering NEWS.

        And, I have a problem with your gratuitous TRASHING of those demonstrating without even bothering to TALK with some of them in order to get their perspective.

        INTERVIEWING is what a REAL newspaper reporter DOES.


        • The Village Sun The Village Sun Post author | December 2, 2020

          Yes, you’re right, provided that the interviewee is practicing proper health safety during a deadly pandemic. Otherwise, some reporters and photographers are not going to want to go near that person. It’s a two-way street.

    • Rubygirl Rubygirl November 30, 2020

      You’re taking Lincoln to pieces for expressing an opinion on a hot-button topic. You do exactly the same thing in your publication. So that would make you a hypocrite. All The Shadow is, is your opinion.

      • Chris Flash Chris Flash December 2, 2020

        NO, Ruby. The SHADOW does not pretend to NOT be opinionated, though EVERYTHING in The SHADOW is sourced investigative journalism. Our editorials are labeled as SHADOW EDITORIALS (usually appearing on pages 2-3 of each issue.)

        As Lincoln is putting out an online publication that is absolutely NOT like The SHADOW and he pretends to NOT present biased reportage, I strongly feel that, IF he is going to express an opinion, he has an obligation to have his piece(s) labeled as such.

        Predetermined opinion or not, Lincoln or whomever from The Village Sun COULD HAVE interviewed some of those demonstrating against mask wearing. Who knows? Lincoln and his readers could have LEARNED something! Those I have spoken with at such demos are bright and articulate and PASSIONATE people of all stripes who see the larger picture behind the corona virus/covid scare. WHY did Lincoln NOT present their point of view?

        Seriously, The Village Sun’s “COVIDIOTS” label could easily be applied to those who have been terrorized into compliance by the state to the point of ATTACKING those who refuse to live in fear.

        • The Village Sun The Village Sun Post author | December 2, 2020

          Chris, the photographer, Charley Crespo, did not want to stick around or get near the anti-maskers, anti-lockdown group simply because he did not want to risk catching a fatal disease. There is nothing to it beyond that. Maybe if they had offered to put on masks and practice social distancing, he would have gotten some info out of them, their point of view etc., to find out why they are bent on defying the prevailing health advice about how we — the world — should be dealing with this deadly pandemic.

  3. Pete Dolack Pete Dolack November 24, 2020

    Hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers in every country on Earth are participating in a fraud? All those people who have died (including three friends of mine) faked their deaths? How realistic does this sound to you?

  4. David Thall David Thall November 23, 2020

    Wearing a mask says F.U. to the coronavirus.

    Not wearing a mask says F.U. to everybody else.

  5. David R. Marcus David R. Marcus November 23, 2020

    Idiots is an understatement.

    Cleary this is a terrible situation but following best practices is the only way out.

    Perhaps these folks don’t fear the virus or the prospect of severe illness, quite possibly leading to death. But what the idiots don’t appreciate is that their actions put everyone else at risk.

  6. Lily carver Lily carver November 22, 2020

    If they want to avoid a lockdown WEAR A MASK, You don’t get more stupid than bitching about economic hardship while actively helping spread Covid

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