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A Ruthless moment: Downtown vigils held for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

New Yorkers gathered for vigils for iconic jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg early Saturday evening in Washington Square Park and, a bit later, in front of New York State Supreme Court at 60 Centre St.

She was gangsta: Family members held images of the “Notorious RBG” rocking the crown of the rapper Notorious B.I.G. a.k.a. Biggie Smalls. (Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)

In Washington Square, more than 100 people sang songs, including “I Will Survive,” “Amazing Grace” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” There were chants of “I dissent!” and “RBG! RBG!”

Several hundred gathered in front of 60 Centre St.

Jefferson Siegel

Justice Ginsburg’s passing comes in the home stretch of a critical presidential election. (Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)
RBG was a feminist icon for her groundbreaking work on anti-discrimination and equal-rights cases. (Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)
Holding a candlelight vigil for Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Foley Square outside the courts. (Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)
The word “Ruthless” takes on new meaning with the fate of the U.S. Supreme Court — and critical issues, like abortion, immigration and healthcare — now hanging in the balance. (Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)
At the Foley Square vigil. (Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)
Feeling it at the vigil for Justice Ginsburg at the Centre St. vigil. (Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)

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  1. Emily Goodman Emily Goodman September 20, 2020

    Great on -the -scene photography — beats all other media.

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