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6th Precinct cracks down on unregistered scooters

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Some people’s acai bowl and burger deliveries might have been slightly delayed recently, as the 6th Precinct has been seizing unregistered scooters.

On April 17, the Greenwich Village precinct posted a photo on its Twitter page of around eight gas-powered scooters that its officers had seized.

“We’re going to continue to enforce the rules and regulations as related to scooters,” Captain Jason Zeikel, the precinct’s commander, said. “It can be challenging at times to make these seizures because they can zip through traffic faster than we can. We got these vehicles while they were all stopped.”

Under New York law, gas-powered mopeds must be registered and insured. Electric-powered scooters, though, do not have to be registered.

Zeikel and others have noted that, when scofflaw scooters or other micro-mobility vehicles are whizzing down the street at high speed, it can be dangerous for police to try to chase them.


  1. n pasley n pasley April 23, 2024

    Why not just enforce the traffic laws?

  2. Choresh Wald Choresh Wald April 23, 2024

    Every car that’s being driven around our neighborhood with a fake paper Georgia license plate is also unregistered.

  3. MSA MSA April 21, 2024

    Recently noticed more people on e-bikes/mopeds, etc doing what seems to be Instacart shopping and delivery.

    People who have mobility or medical issues or are homebound need delivery — but local stores always did that.

    But lots of delivery going to young healthy wealthy….

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