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Wash. Sq. Admin Morrison on mend from fractured elbow; Arrest made in attack

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | An arrest has been made in a recent attack on Will Morrison, the administrator of Washington Square Park.

According to police, Morrison, 31, was in the park’s southwest corner on Fri., July 25, around 1:20 p.m., when an older man approached him and put a hand or hands around his neck.

Charles McCoy, 64, of the Bronx was arrested for assault and criminal obstruction of breathing.

In an exclusive, The Village Sun last week reported that Morrison’s arm was injured in an attack in the park around two and a half weeks ago when he was said to have been jumped while videoing “illegal activity.” The word going around then was that the young park leader had suffered a broken arm. According to one source, the assault happened on the park’s east side by the Garibaldi statue.

Sugar Barry, a member of the Washington Square Association’s board of directors, and park administrator Will Morrison were on hand for the holiday tree’s arrival last winter. (Photo by Trevor Sumner)

Last week, though, the Parks Department was providing minimal information and the police were not commenting on the matter, instead referring questions to Parks.

Once an arrest was made, however, the incident was logged into the Police Department’s system and a police spokesperson was able to provide at least some information.

In addition, The Village Sun has since learned that Morrison suffered not a broken arm but a fractured elbow. It was not immediately clear, though, if McCoy’s alleged choking of Morrison happened before or after Morrison’s elbow was fractured, or if McCoy or other suspects were involved in causing the fracture.

McCoy has been released from custody. A court date has been set for Sept. 5, during which Morrison reportedly will seek an order of protection.

According to an e-mail The Village Sun was shown, Morrison confirmed that “the story is true — that he was attacked while recording illegal activity in the park but that the attack left him with a fracture in his elbow, not a broken arm.”

Meanwhile, Morrison is on the mend. As of late last week while on vacation, he was able to stop wearing a sling on his injured limb.

In an e-mail that was shared with the Sun, Morrison said, “I remain undaunted in my service to the park.”

The question remains, as one local activist put it, “why both the Parks Department and N.Y.P.D. were so hushed up about it, since it’s encouraging to note they were on the case and got the perp.”


  1. John Penley John Penley August 23, 2023

    I hope the Washington Square Park miscreants don’t read The Sun because this coverage with photos made him even more of a target than before and the person arrested is out with no bail. It looks like Mr. Morrison did not want media coverage and it is easy to understand if you read both Sun stories and think about why he didn’t seem to want press on this.


    How could the police release this criminal? They really think he’s going to show up for a court date. Lazy NYPD…incompetent all-around city.

    • True New Yorker True New Yorker August 22, 2023

      Sorry, Lynn, didn’t you get the memo?
      Your city and state politicians (extreme radical lefties masking as Democrats) changed the laws to NOT allow bail requests for most crimes, including violent ones. Manhattan also elected a District Attorney who pledged NOT to prosecute. Of course this guy was set free on his own recognizance. In addition, many actions that used to be offenses are no longer (courtesy of the NYC Council), like peeing in the street (equity), graffiti (justice). Crack or heroin residue in your pipe? ( nope — no wonder crime is “down” — police need to see ya smoke it). To blame the police is truly unfair. If you want to point a finger, look no further than state Senator Brad Hoylman, who formerly represented the Village, the architect of so many of these revisions to laws that were on the books for a reason. As if any old-time NYer couldn’t have predicted the results.

      I suggest we elect different folks who do not view criminals as the victims. Pressure the current lawmakers — they made mistakes — and roll back the “reforms.”

      Get well, Mr. Morrison. I am sorry this happened to you. Sadly, I am not surprised. Thank you for trying to make the park safe for all, including the residents of the community, especially the children.

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