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Trump ballot suit is moot, Sen. Hoylman-Sigal concedes

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | O.K., but he’s still an insurrectionist. …

Calling it based on “a technicality,” state Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal warned that the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow Donald Trump on the 2024 presidential ballot is “extremely dangerous” for American democracy.

On Monday the high court voted unanimously that Trump cannot be removed from the ballot in Colorado or any other state. A lawsuit in the Rocky Mountains state had sought to disqualify the former president based on his actions instigating and abetting the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot.

The Supreme Court, though, ruled that not the states but only Congress has the power to remove someone from the ballot under the 14th Amendment’s “insurrectionist ban.”

In February, Hoylman-Sigal and two other plaintiffs filed a similar lawsuit, seeking to compel the New York State Board of Elections to block Trump from running for election in here. However, the Colorado ruling applies to all states.

“The Supreme Court has ruled that Donald Trump will be allowed on the 2024 presidential ballot, making our suit to also ban him from New York’s ballot under the 14th Amendment now moot,” Hoylman-Sigal said. “Despite that, today is not a victory for Donald Trump. The court’s ruling focused on the technical ability of a state to remove one seeking federal office under the 14th Amendment, not on the former president’s guilt.

“The Supreme Court could have used this opportunity to exonerate Donald Trump of any wrongdoing related to January 6. They chose not to,” the state senator said. “In fact, every court that has substantively examined this issue has determined that January 6 was an insurrection and that Donald Trump incited it. That remains true today.

“It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court used a legal technicality to allow an anti-democratic insurrectionist to remain on the presidential ballot,” he continued. “While this is not surprising, it is disappointing and extremely dangerous for our democracy.

“It is now up to all of us to vote this November and hold Donald Trump accountable for his actions.”

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