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Tompkins punk concert waiting on permit

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | It’s coming down to the wire.

Chris Flash, a longtime organizer of punk rock concerts in Tompkins Square Park, said he is awaiting word on whether he will have the proper permits to stage a show there on Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Following an April 24 hardcore punk show that he co-organized in the East Village park that drew 2,000 people — and received sensationalized media coverage — the Parks Department revoked permits Flash had already obtained for a slew of shows in 2021.

Charging he was smeared by Parks, Flash filed a lawsuit on Friday in federal court to force the department to issue him a permit for Sunday’s show.

Asked on Saturday night around 10 p.m. if he had obtained the document, he said not yet.

“Any f—ing minute now,” he said. “The permit is going to come from Parks or the judge’s order will force them to issue the permit. If it’s not received in time, we hope to have a backup location.”

The event would also need a permit for amplified sound, which the police would have to issue. But Flash is confident if he gets the Parks permit, the sound permit will follow.

“N.Y.P.D. is waiting on the Parks permit,” he explained.

Although The Village Sun is aware of one possible alternate site that is being considered, Flash asked that the location not be publicly divulged until things become clearer on Sunday. If there is a change of venue for the show, it will no doubt be announced on the Facebook event page.


  1. Mark. Apollo Mark. Apollo June 15, 2021

    They seem to be targeting a number of community parks within the last 2 month’s. But really surprised that they would go after the concert which as stated above has been taking place for years with out any real incidents.

    There has to be more going on behind the scenes in the Parks Department, connected to City Hall and NYPD this is just a guess.

  2. John Penley John Penley June 13, 2021

    One dead, 19 wounded in NYC is today’s headline. The cops are using the park crackdown to distract from the out-of-control gun violence all over the city.

  3. CHRIS FLASH CHRIS FLASH June 13, 2021

    It is really quite UNBELIEVABLE that we have been FORCED to fight the city for our right to organize PROTECTED FREE SPEECH events in OUR park.

    WHAT exactly is to be gained from forcing us to SUE them for their prior restraint, for disregarding due process and violating our civil rights? No matter how long the suit takes, they WILL ultimately lose. The damages we have incurred, including attorney fees and court costs, will have to be paid by the city.

    WHAT is the point of this?

    In the 15 years I have held events in our beloved Tompkins Square Park, all WITHOUT incident, I have NEVER encountered such repression, even under the police state administration of Il Duce Rudy Giuliani!

    The alleged violations used to justify the revocations of our approved permits have never been applied to or enforced against any other event organizer. This is a matter of SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT and it will NOT stand.

    Even at this late date, we hope that REASON will prevail and that all parties can move forward

    Chris Flash
    The SHADOW

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