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The vax on the ground; Pfizer defier not with the program

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Anti-vaxxers are often associated with conservative red states, such as where the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant is currently raging wild, like Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and Florida.

But New York has more than a few COVID vaccine deniers, too. The other day, one of them spray-painted “NY DONT COMPLY” on the pavers near the Hare Krishna Tree in Tompkins Square Park.

An Instagram page called “@NY Dont Comply” is linked to anti-vax sites and “patriot” types.


  1. mary reinholz mary reinholz August 13, 2021

    P.S. I don’t know if the person who spray-painted a tree is the elderly artist I know. So I’m not going to “out” her on suspicion.

    • John Penley John Penley August 13, 2021

      I don’t think anyone would harm her but obviously she is spreading QAnon harm all over the city herself and she is not a leftist, she is a QAnon Trumper. Also, I doubt she spray-painted the tree but others know who did and F.Y.I., I reported this story to the NYC Parks Department for investigation. People who deface old trees are criminals. F.Y.I., you posted the info about her, so why did you do that?

      • mary reinholz mary reinholz August 14, 2021

        Why did I post the info about her? Because I’m a reporter, and I want people to know that not every anti-vaxxer is a Trumper. Anonymous sources are used in articles, in case you didn’t know. You don’t know this woman so you have no cred to call her a QAnon Trumper. That’s just sick. I was thinking of writing an article about her but your reaction tells me that such a piece would probably endanger her life and health. Of course, maybe that’s what you want.

        • laura rubin laura rubin August 18, 2021

          some of is are “vaccine researchers” some of us are medically exempt. people also voted trump for logical reasons, including artists bicoastal people & those fly-over working class you all hate. the village sun is becoming another version of CNN using words like “anti” this “anti that, “denier” (the MSM buzzwords). no longer my NY. not longer my downtown. some one paints a tree, & the mob attacks?

      • laura rubin laura rubin August 18, 2021

        and YOU are BLUE Q. your city has turned into a s-hole, yet you want to harrass a 91-yr-old woman? how brave of you. what happend to free expression? how do you fight “the man” when you ARE “the man”?? stop worshiping a disease & big pharm. LIVE & LET LIVE!!

  2. John Penley John Penley August 13, 2021

    Why did this a-hole spray-paint a tree? Mary, they deserve to be outed since they are putting people’s lives in jeopardy.

    • mary reinholz mary reinholz August 13, 2021

      John, this anti-vaxxer artist is 91 and I don’t want her harmed by other fanatics.

  3. mary reinholz mary reinholz August 13, 2021

    Recently, I discovered that an old left-leaning artist in the East Village –who thinks Julian Assange is the world’s greatest journalist — hosts a bunch of anti-vaxxers at her apartment to plan lawsuits against mandatory masking, etc. and discuss the shots they believe can kill people (and do) on occasion. Maybe more of these fanatics will pull up their sleeves when the FDA gives full approval to the Covid vaccines.

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