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The rites — and knights and pawns — of spring

“Every chess master was once a beginner.”

— Irving Chernev,
Ukrainian-American chess player and chess writer

Cries of “Chess player! Chess player!” from the southwest corner of Washington Square Park, at MacDougal and W. Fourth Streets, entice competition, often at a price. Spring’s warmer weather welcomes more challengers to the regular players. Every spring a renewal, and every game an opportunity. Stop by to test your skill.

— Philip Maier

(Photo by Philip Maier)
(Photo by Philip Maier)
(Photo by Philip Maier)
(Photo by Philip Maier)

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  1. Alan Flacks Alan Flacks May 14, 2023

    I was such a poor chess player that I befuddled my opponents, who could never figure out what my game plan was because there was none! And a friend, Eli, was a terrific winning chess player, but always lost to his cousin. Why? Because it was his cousin who taught Eli how to play!

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