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Talk about takeout! Garbage truck hauls off outdoor dining shed in Greenwich Village — with person inside!

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Sacré bleu!

A garbage truck on Monday evening mistakenly scooped up an outdoor seating shed in front of a French restaurant in Greenwich Village — with a diner inside of it!

A Twitter user, Scootercaster (@ScooterCasterNY), posted a video from the scene, interviewing the restaurant’s manager, who confirmed that a garbage truck making a pickup had “dragged” the shed for about 10 feet and that a patron had been inside. The diner was unhurt, she said.

Adding to the chaos, coming up from their protest at Foley Square, a group of teachers and others who oppose being forced to get the coronavirus vaccine marched past the French eatery’s totaled shed while chanting slogans.

“Antimandates March just went by a crime scene,” Scootercater tweeted. “A sanitation truck attempting to pick up garbage picked up and dragged an outdoor dining structure while someone was inside. Incident occurred at West 13th and 6th Avenue. The diner was uninjured but shaken.”

“It was shocking, definitely felt like an earthquake almost,” the bistro manager said of the frightening incident. “I was worried for the safety of our customers and everyone involved.”

She said she was disappointed to hear that Bar Six would have to handle the cleanup of the wreckage and that the city would not help out.

“The police came out to inspect it [and file a report]…but then it’s our responsibility apparently to clean up the mess,” she said. “I think the city should definitely get involved and be responsible for helping us to clean up the street.”


  1. David R. Marcus David R. Marcus October 1, 2021

    Seems to me you break it you buy it.

    Outrageous that NYC can avoid liability and not be required to compensate the restaurant and/or repair the damage.

    Corey Johnson/Eric Bottcher, where are you in your constituents’ time of need — particularly since you pushed for open streets?

  2. JQ LLC JQ LLC September 30, 2021

    There needs to be an investigation into why these restaurants got favored treatment by the city, because these are the only sidewalk businesses that have actually survived, based on blocks of shuttered stores I’ve seen in the last year.

  3. Choresh Wald Choresh Wald September 30, 2021

    Reckless driving is prevalent regardless of Outdoor Dining sheds. 88 pedestrians that died in the city by being hit by vehicles this year were not inside dining sheds.

  4. Jim Worley Jim Worley September 29, 2021

    This is a busy avenue for any roadway dining to be truly safe. Open Restaurants was a panic program for the restaurant business and will be creating endangering situations for the public if allowed to continue past the pandemic.

  5. Marty Curls Marty Curls September 28, 2021

    Good, more of it!

  6. laura rubin laura rubin September 28, 2021

    this is where i lived in NYC, west 13th several buildings east of 6th ave. across from quad cinema. time to take those sheds down.

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