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Spray it ain’t so: Graffiti wall falls on hard times

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Even the graffiti is in bad shape these days in New York.

The famed E. Houston Street graffiti wall a.k.a. the Houston Bowery Wall is usually filled by a rotating display of murals by street artists. But the stretch of wall, just west of the Bowery, is not looking too good right now.

In fact, it appears to have been “bombed” by taggers.

Maybe it’s just awaiting a new mural.

Keith Haring created the first mural at the spot in 1982. Since then, artists who have sprayed their stuff on its iconic surface include the likes of Shephard Fairey, Os Gêmeos, Kenny Scharf, Aiko Nakagawa, TATS CRU, David Flores, JR and Banksy.

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  1. D D July 21, 2022

    these the children of disobedience for there neighbors or neighborhood the only come to kill, steal, and destroy everything in the city is being destroyed by these cold hearted filth home, business store fronts public property no rest for the wicked the do all there unfruitful works in the shadows of the night but all will be exposed to the light we are in the last days people get your life in order repent and live righteous

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