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Sound and vision at ‘Take Heed’ closing event

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Jennifer Elster’s exhibition “Take Heed,” at The Development Gallery, at 75 Leonard St. in Tribeca, has been described as “evoking urgent themes, eerie prescience and strokes of mania.” It includes a special installation of the artist’s early work with David Bowie, when she styled him for the characters on his “1. Outside” cult album.

Nargiz Aliyarova performed at the closing event. (Photo by Alex Korolkovas)
Jennifer Elster played her late uncle’s chimes. (Photo by Alex Korolkovas)

To quote a Bowie song title, the closing reception for “Take Heed,” on March 16, was an evening of “sound and vision.” Dynamic performances played into the timeline of the art exhibited.

The evening began with Elster playing her recently deceased uncle’s chimes and making a spoken-word performance out of her artist’s statement. Chief Dwaine Perry of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation offered a blessing of peace on the space and a blessing for all in the gallery to be lifted into the light. Next came performances by classical pianist Nargiz Aliyarova playing a piece by Chopin and an Azerbaijani work, plus Heide Hatry and Jane LeCroy performing poetry, and Mike Handelman on electric guitar joining Elster for interactive poetry and songs to conclude the evening.

The crowd watched the performances. (Photo by Alex Korolkovas)
Jennifer Elster with spoken-word performers Heide Hatry, left, and Jane LeCroy. (Photo by Alex Korolkovas)

Chief Perry and Elster, who met through a mutual friend, have been friends for several years. He’s one of the subjects in her upcoming film series, “In the Woods (and Elsewhere).”

Gallerygoer Sharon Woolums and Chief Perry. (Courtesy Sharon Woolums)
Jennifer Elster and gallery associates, from left, Aline Doyle, Diamond Senora and Nola Kim-Mayer. (Photo by Alex Korolkovas)

The exhibit, which will stay up through April 17, can be viewed by private appointment, Tuesday through Sunday, from noon to 7 p.m. E-mail or call 212-524-9281. Visit for more information about The Development Gallery’s next exhibition, program and virtual tours.

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