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Skateboards, amps rule in ‘no rules’ Washington Square Park

Call it Washington Skate Park…or maybe Washington Blare Park, if you prefer.

Teenage and possibly twentysomething skateboarders were out in full force in the fountain early Tuesday evening, trying to land tricks with a racket of clack! clack! clacking! Some were skating back and forth in front of the arch, as well.

You might have been drawn into the park when you heard the music — from two blocks away. A funky duo on west side of the square, with an amped-up guitar, were doing their best to keep the spirit of Daft Punk alive, jamming out on “Get Lucky.”

They sounded good. After they finished their smooth groove, parkgoers, including a little boy, happily rushed forward to put bread in their bucket.

Joining the action, a group of young cyclists zoomed past the arch and into the park. One of them zipped around the fountain while popping an impressive wheelie.

Skateboarding and amps without sound permits aren’t allowed in the park, and neither is bike riding. At least that’s what the rules say. But, hey, rules shmules. There just really doesn’t seem to be any enforcement anyway. And, well, people seem to be having fun, right? So…

What else is there to say but…party on!


  1. Happy guy Happy guy April 6, 2021

    Park for the people not for the dictators. People happy people skating people being people.

  2. Jess Jess April 6, 2021

    That is funny right? People blaming musicians and artists for making a honest living, how disgusting are those who even put artists in the same spot as criminals. I work as an artist since Im 6 years old, its more than 20 years of practicing and love for art. If you see anyone making music or art please support because they are the real ones on this sht, they are the people taking risk to do what you have NO guts to do. Its so easy to be a cop and dambass. But go ahead try to make your living on the streets of NY City that JACO PASTORIOUS played on the street, city that CHARLIE PARKER played on the streets. PLEASE GROW SOME CULTURE ON YOUR BRAIN. Many people that you listen and pay 200 dollars to go see started in the streets of NYC so if you dont like it move from here cause you dont deserve NYC.

  3. Mila Mila April 6, 2021

    You know people, if you live around any park here NYC move away. After this long Corona situation I think we dont need any sadness. people are having fun and taking care of their lifes. Theres many talented musicians and artists around Washington Square, you cant shut this down, we dont live in a dictatorship here, if you think theres a lots of noise, NYC is not for you sorry. A bus is much louder than any speaker, then any musician. Theres a university around and many young people so please move from there if dont like culture and people together. Being happy is not for everybody but should be available for anyone that wants. Cops are the worst if they come. People are nice there and everybody is looking to just have a good time so please keep your bullsht away from that place. If you wanna peace move to long island far way from the city please. FCK THE COPS FCK THE GREENS. FCK PEOPE WHO THINKS THAT BECAUSE THEY LIVE AROUND THERE THEY OWN NYC. GET A LIFE

  4. Obiter Dicta Obiter Dicta April 1, 2021

    Whatever quality of life Parks Department regulations are being violated with impunity, and there are a great many which annoy visitors to Washington Square Park and residents within 3 blocks of it. It would be great if the 6th Precinct could at least be more vigilant in closing the park at midnight. It has been steadily drifting to 12:45 am to 1:00 am. Insofar as the drug dealers are concerned in the northwest quadrant, well publicized and visible surveillance cameras and lighting flooding the area, with follow-up police response, should serve as an effective low-cost deterrent. During the day, they should be complemented with drone surveillance.

  5. GV Resident and NYU parent GV Resident and NYU parent April 1, 2021

    Thanks for your continued media coverage, keep it up!
    The park has become a lawless mecca for drug dealing, destructive behavior, litter and noise. It has declined rapidly in the past few years. Residents and NYU parents must speak out and demand better. Community Board 2 is clueless, our elected officials are ineffective and the police need to enforce these crimes more vigilantly.

  6. Steven Hill Steven Hill April 1, 2021

    What about the Druggies on the West part of the Park? They don’t even try to hide their DRUG Sales.

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