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Scott Stringer, mulling mayoral run, vows he can get city ‘back on track’

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Scott Stringer has announced he is exploring a run for mayor.

Stringer, who was formerly New York City comptroller and Manhattan borough president, sent out an e-mail Tuesday breaking the news — and bashing current Mayor Eric Adams.

Currently in the second year of his four-year term, Adams has been under scrutiny over crime lately — especially recent high-profile incidents in the subway system.

“Over the past two years,” Stringer said, “Eric Adams has led this city down the wrong path. Our schools and libraries have been cut, families can’t afford housing, we feel less safe than before, and trust in our city’s leadership has been trending downward.

“It’s time to elect a new leader who will move our city in a new direction and build a brighter future for generations to come,” Stringer said.

“I’ve devoted my life to fighting for what’s right. I’ve always been a champion for working people. Now, I’m seriously exploring a run for mayor because I know how to put our city back on track.”

In a follow-up e-mail on Wednesday, the longtime politico took a few more pops at Adams, saying, “Since he became the mayor of New York City, Eric Adams has shown us exactly who he is and what his priorities are:

“He’s cut funding for our schools and libraries.

“He’s done nothing to address our housing crisis.

“He’s failed to make our city safer for all our residents.

“Eric Adams has been leading us in the wrong direction and failing our city every step of the way. Now, libraries are closed on weekends, art classes are being canceled, there’s no room in pre-K and 3-K, his crime policies have failed, and the city does not feel safer.”

Stringer ran for mayor in 2021, staying in the race despite a sexual harassment accusation against him by Jean Kim, a former campaign volunteer, from 20 years earlier. Stringer claimed the relationship was “light,” off and on and consensual and that, in fact, the charges were a “political hit” — that Kim was backing rival candidate Andrew Yang, which she denied. Stringer tried to sue Kim for defamation but a judge tossed out the lawsuit.


  1. JacDog JacDog April 4, 2024

    Although Mr. Stringer makes legitimate points about the Adams administration, the sexual peccadillo alleged by Ms.Kim was far less damaging to the city than the candidate’s relationship to the zealotry of Transportation Alternatives. A multitude of emails were exchanged between Stringer’s office circa 2009-2010. See what the zealotry of the “visionaries” has done to the city. One can judge someone by the company they keep.

    • Jay Crockett Jay Crockett April 4, 2024

      Thanks for pointing out the past (?) relationship between Stringer and Trans Alt. That is certainly a deal breaker for me.

    • SVN SVN April 5, 2024

      Yes, the TransAlt connection on its own makes Stringer a no-go.

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